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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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As Austin expands, black residents are pushed outward

Kirthi Dronamraju December 7, 2017

Once home to a bustling black enclave, Austin’s urban centers have instead become a haven for white suburbanites, according to some, pushing native residents out. Indeed, Austin is the only large,...


UT joins forces with Mexico in search for clean energy

Kirthi Dronamraju November 29, 2017

A gray blanket settles over a rapidly expanding Mexico City as factories and automobiles continue to pump noxious levels of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. A few months ago, the city’s government...

Behind the delicious foods, Thanksgiving has a dark side

Kirthi Dronamraju November 21, 2017

The shame of chowing down enough turkey to feed an entire village of Pilgrims isn’t the only reason to feel guilty this Thanksgiving. The environmental impact of a turkey feast for eight is approximately...

UT organization aims to increase student voter turnout come election day

Kirthi Dronamraju November 7, 2017

A 2-hour wait stretched outside the election booths on a sunny morning last November as UT students waited eagerly to cast their ballots. The same night, students gathered after sunset to watch the election...

Marine_1103_Courtesy of Sally Palmer

UT Marine Sciences Institute rebuilds after Harvey wreckage

Kirthi Dronamraju November 3, 2017

Solar panels littered the beach after Hurricane Harvey blew through Port Aransas. A month later, the UT Marine Sciences Institute continues to recover. The Marine Sciences Institute, established in...

Psychology professor to discuss evolution of sexual attraction in upcoming talk

Kirthi Dronamraju October 27, 2017

As students swipe through endless profiles and DMs flood their inboxes, it may seem that dating apps have made hooking up more attractive than ever. But according to psychology professor David Buss, casual...


UT student educates rural Indian women about menstrual hygiene

Kirthi Dronamraju October 18, 2017

On a past trip to a remote Rajasthani village, Devika Kumar, a Plan II and international relations and global studies freshman, noticed that many women were unfamiliar with proper menstrual hygiene.  Kumar,...

Violin_1013_1013_VicSmith_redviolin copy

Missing for hundreds of years, $1.7 million red violin comes to Bates Music Hall

Kirthi Dronamraju October 13, 2017

A nearly 300-year-old burgundy-stained violin, once bought for $1.7 million and ubiquitously known as the “Red Violin,” is coming to Austin. On Oct. 15, classical violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn...


Hamilton House in Symphony Square tells story of former slave turned legislator

Kirthi Dronamraju October 9, 2017

On a bustling Saturday night, an unusual triangular house goes overlooked by concert-goers dressed to the nines as they hasten through Symphony Square. Built by a former slave in 1871, the Hamilton...


Local artists celebrate ‘fun art’ at Recycle Reads Library and Bookstore

Kirthi Dronamraju September 27, 2017

Somewhere between the refined realm of fine art and informal illustration lies the whimsical world of Fun Art. For artist Theresa Bayer, whose declaration Fun Art Manifesto served as the inspiration...

Death_918_Courtesy of Kirthi Dronamraju

Senior lecturer pens nonfiction book comparing two London killers

Kirthi Dronamraju September 18, 2017

In the winter of 1952, murderer John Reginald Christie prowled the streets of London as the worst incident of air pollution in the city’s history suffocated its own victims. While the world fixated...

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