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UT Energy Week features open mic on Trump’s energy policy

Laura Zhang February 9, 2017

Day one of UT Energy Week, Natural Resources Day, featured an open mic about President Donald Trump’s energy policies.  During this open mic, Michael Webber, UT Austin Energy Institute Deputy...


Researchers engineer cancer-starving enzyme

Laura Zhang February 1, 2017

In a recent preclinical study, scientists engineered a human enzyme to degrade cysteine in the bloodstream, effectively starving cancer cells. Cysteine is an important amino acid, a protein building block...


Texas Conference for Women panel talks culture of tech

Laura Zhang November 18, 2016

By changing the makeup of the tech industry’s workforce, companies can create the same disruption that made Hulu and Netflix so successful, according to panelists from the Texas Conference for Women. Emily...

Cockrell School of Engineering develops new water infrastructure center

Laura Zhang November 17, 2016

From flooding to storm pollution to aging water infrastructure systems, Austin has a lot of water problems. UT officials hope a new center will help.  In a national call to action by the U.S. Environmental...


Artificial Intelligence Conference panel discusses impact of automation industry on workforce

Laura Zhang November 3, 2016

On Monday, a panel of artificial intelligence experts met to discuss questions on one theme: How will jobs change as artificial intelligence becomes more and more capable? This specific industry...


Study reveals implicit gender bias in recommendation letters

Laura Zhang November 2, 2016

When UT students apply for jobs, graduate programs or professional schools, recommendation letters can play an integral role. What professors and students may not realize, however, is that these letters...

Court_robert Jansen

UT researchers help sequence genome of plant with cancer treatment potential

Laura Zhang October 24, 2016

In the hands of scientists, a poisonous shrub could play an integral role in certain chemotherapy treatments and possesses potential for future cancer therapies. UT professors have sequenced the DNA...


UT alum talks career, importance of diversity in STEM

Laura Zhang October 4, 2016

Shameika Wilmington’s scientific curiosity was sparked in the 1990s when she first looked through a telescope she received as a Christmas gift. Over 20 years later, she continues to explore...


Congress passes legislation to aid in drug use rehabilitation

Laura Zhang October 4, 2016

Opioid overdoses — mostly from prescription pain relievers and heroin — have quadrupled since 2000, and 2,601 people in Texas died from overdoses in 2014, according to the Centers for Disease...


Texas Tribune Festival panel discusses vaccination policies

Laura Zhang September 26, 2016

On Saturday morning, panelists electrified the Santa Rita room in the Union with arguments for and against laws requiring parents to vaccinate their children. Anna Dragsbaek, president and CEO of the...


Texas Tribune Festival panel discusses the politics of abortion

Laura Zhang September 26, 2016

On Saturday afternoon, a Texas Tribune Festival panel ignited a heated conversation about the politics of abortion and the state of women’s reproductive health clinics in Texas. Panelists Heather...


Earth finds potential celestial sister

Laura Zhang September 8, 2016

Scientists may have just found Earth’s long-lost twin. After years of data collection, astronomers recently discovered Proxima b, the closest planet to the Milky Way located in the habitable zone,...


Brain plaques may protect and defend against invading microbes

Laura Zhang July 7, 2016

Watch out, infections — the brain may have another biological warrior to protect and defend against invading microbes. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital...

super bug

Superbugs battle on

Laura Zhang June 6, 2016

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not quite — it’s another superbug. Doctors recently detected a new type of superbug in a patient during her visit to treat a urinary tract infection. While not...


Research as Art competition provides platform for scientists to be creative

Laura Zhang May 2, 2016

After spending years looking down at a microscope, Suzy Moody, Institute of Life Sciences student at Swansea University, was surprised to see a bacterial colony in the form of an eye staring straight back...


UChicago professor explores fishy origins of human life

Laura Zhang April 25, 2016

Neil Shubin, professor of anatomy at the University of Chicago, said becoming a fish paleontologist has altered his perception of people. “If you look at Albert Einstein, you see the pinnacle...


Science Scene: Taking a byte out of cybersecurity

Laura Zhang April 21, 2016

Students may be OK with the Eyes of Texas upon them but not the eyes of Uncle Sam.  The recent San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone breakthrough has stumped UT professors in its technical, ethical...


What Starts Here Chills the World: UT’s efficiency places it at forefront of environmental sustainability

Laura Zhang April 18, 2016

Designed to keep students comfortable in extreme Texas weather, UT air conditioning is one of the most water and energy efficient cooling systems in the world. The Dell Medical School will be the first...


Austin startup brings doctors to patients

Laura Zhang April 4, 2016

Students can order pizza, clothes and textbooks to their front door. Now, they can add doctor visits to that list.  Remedy Urgent Care is an Austin-based startup founded on the idea of mobile doctor...


Mapping the cosmos: UT researchers search for dark energy

Laura Zhang March 28, 2016

The University of Texas research project HETDEX will shine a light on dark energy, the mysterious force that might account for the expansion of the universe.  HETDEX, which stands for the Hobby-Eberly...


Who run the day? Girls.

Laura Zhang March 2, 2016

On Feb. 27, girls took over UT campus to program robots, identify organs and manufacture lip gloss.  UT’s Women in Engineering Program hosted its annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day...

kung fu panda Courtesy of Megha Davalat

UT alumna serves as character technical director for DreamWorks’ ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’

Laura Zhang February 29, 2016

Meet Megha Davalath: UT computer science alumnus, DreamWorks character technical director and fervent panda enthusiast. Davalath worked on the set of “Kung Fu Panda 3” where she specialized...


UT study analyzes effects of neurofeedback as therapeutic method

Laura Zhang February 22, 2016

Step aside, naps and Netflix. Students can now use a cutting-edge technique called neurofeedback to help themselves relax after a long day of exams.   Neurofeedback is a therapeutic method that...


Graphene creates advantages, limitations for experiments

Laura Zhang February 15, 2016

Army veterans wear this material in artificial retinas. Professional tennis players find it in their tennis rackets. And it may be the secret to quantum computers. Graphene is the “material of superlatives,”...


Science Scene: Optogenetics spotlights the brain

Laura Zhang January 21, 2016

Students might wonder what’s going on in their heads when they can’t stop watching Netflix, or how their minds relay the balance between bitter and sweet in their favorite beverage. Optogenetics...

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