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New class ring ceremony to be held at Tower, no individual recognition

Lauren Florence November 4, 2015

Students wait more than three years and must complete 75 hours of class credit before they can receive an official class ring, but with new changes to the ring ceremony this year, students may not have...


All seven state constitutional amendments pass in Nov. 3 election

Lauren Florence November 4, 2015

All of the proposed amendments passed in the state’s constitutional election Tuesday, according to the Travis County Clerk’s Office. Around 75,000 ballots were cast in Travis County, totaling...


Report finds citizens in favor of funding bicycle master plan

Lauren Florence November 3, 2015

Six percent of central city residents use their bikes to get to work, but a majority of locals support fully funding Austin’s updated 2014 Bicycle Master Plan, according to a report from MobilityATX.  MobilityATX,...


New UT shuttles may feature pay boxes, as Capital Metro phases out old buses

Lauren Florence October 26, 2015

Students may have to start swiping their student IDs every time they ride on a UT shuttle bus route after Capital Metro phases out the older bus models for city buses. Capital Metro plans to gradually...


University poll finds democrats, millennials more likely to support environmental protection

Lauren Florence October 22, 2015

More than three out of four Americans believe climate change is occurring, which is up from 68 percent one year ago, according to a University poll published Tuesday. People are more familiar with hydraulic...

Euphoria Festival may reduce hours, pending lawsuit

Lauren Florence October 21, 2015

Attendees at next year’s Euphoria Festival may be headed home earlier than they expected each night, while neighbors to the festival sleep in peace after the County Commissioners Court passed changes...


Hall says admissions process, University involvement needs to be more transparent

Lauren Florence October 19, 2015

UT System Regent Wallace Hall said Saturday at a Texas Tribune Festival panel that the biggest issue the Board of Regents faces is not being able to properly govern. "all about transparency" Hall...


State Lieutenant Governor wants better public education, greater religious liberty

Lauren Florence October 17, 2015

State Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said he is not biased towards a particular presidential candidate but wants a president who, even if they’re not from Texas, loves Texas, supports securing...


City Council approves amending rideshare regulations

Lauren Florence October 16, 2015

City Council passed approval to amend city code regulations Thursday for rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, including fingerprint background checks and annual operating fees Thursday evening. The...

City Council to consider regulations for ride-hailing companies

Lauren Florence October 15, 2015

Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft may soon have to comply with stricter background check regulations and pay an annual operating fee after mobility committee recommendations. At an Austin...


Vegetarian, vegan restaurant Veggie Heaven to relaunch downtown after 17 years near campus

Lauren Florence October 14, 2015

After shutting down its Guadalupe Street location last December, local vegetarian restaurant Veggie Heaven plans to return to business next spring at a downtown location. The Asian-influenced vegetarian...


UTPD testing body cameras, reviewing policies for implementation

Lauren Florence October 14, 2015

While the University police department is currently testing some body cameras, there is no firm date for when the cameras will be fully implemented by the officers, according to UTPD Chief David Carter. Carter...


Students to bring dildos to class to protest campus carry

Lauren Florence October 11, 2015

More than 2,000 people plan to participate in a protest against campus carry by bringing dildos to the first day of fall semester classes next year, on Aug. 24. UT alumna Jessica Jin organized the Facebook...


Whole Foods cuts jobs to lower prices, improve technology

Lauren Florence October 9, 2015

Whole Foods Market, an Austin-based company, plans to cut about 1,500 entry-level jobs to lower prices and invest in technology, according to a press release Sept. 28. According to the press, over the...


State Senator Kirk Watson steps down from Democratic Caucus Chair position

Lauren Florence October 9, 2015

State Senator Kirk Watson announced Thursday that he is stepping down from the position as Democratic Caucus Chair. Watson has served as Democratic Caucus Chair for more than two legislative sessions. “I’m...


City transportation shifts to accommodate ACL Festival crowds

Lauren Florence October 2, 2015

Bicycling is the easiest way to get to and from Austin City Limits Music Festival though the crowded downtown area, according to ACL’s website. The festival will take place Oct. 2–4 and...


Non-resident students still able to access public libraries with proof of residence

Lauren Florence October 2, 2015

Non-residents of Austin will have to pay a fee to obtain a public library card after the Austin Public Library instituted a non-resident fee Thursday. Between 2008 and 2011, state funding had allowed...


More parking meters to be added in West Campus

Lauren Florence September 29, 2015

The Austin Transportation Department and University Area Partners neighborhood association approved a budget of almost $220,000 for street and traffic improvement in West Campus and are deliberating...


Human rights committee hears police policies on use of force, racial profiling

Lauren Florence September 29, 2015

Concerns about the effectiveness of racial profiling, cultural sensitivity and the use of force by police were raised at the City’s Human Rights Commission meeting Monday after an Austin Police Department...


City Council regulates short-term rental terms

Lauren Florence September 25, 2015

A one-year ban will be placed on applications to rent houses for a short-term period after the Austin City Council voted 9-1 on Sept. 17th. The City Council passed the ban as part of an effort to place...


Limited funds to keep West Campus buses crowded

Lauren Florence September 23, 2015

The West Campus UT shuttle bus route will not see an increase in service any time soon, despite the crowded conditions during peak hours, according to an official at Capital Metro. Amy Peck, communications...


APD enforces ‘Don’t Block the Box’ campaign near campus

Lauren Florence September 22, 2015

The traffic reduction campaign Don’t Block the Box is shifting enforcement locations to streets near campus starting Monday.  The campaign is intended to reduce cars blocking the box, which...


Six activists arrested after rallies for police, Black Lives Matter

Lauren Florence September 20, 2015

Six protesters were arrested during a rally organized by Black Lives Matter activists Saturday afternoon, according to Austin police. The rally against police brutality was held at the Capitol in opposition...


Megabus terminal to relocate downtown after rejected appeal

Lauren Florence September 18, 2015

Megabus will remain in Austin after City Council rejected an appeal against a proposed downtown location for Megabus on Thursday. The council unanimously rejected the appeal but added conditions to Megabus’...

Wheatsville Co-op employees gain traction on fair wage petition amid co-op election

Lauren Florence September 16, 2015

The consumer- and employee-owned Wheatsville Food Co-op is facing employee demand for higher wages in the midst of the co-op’s elections for board members. The annual Wheatsville election will...


Employees Union works against privatization of Dell Medical School jobs

Lauren Florence September 16, 2015

As the Dell Medical School is in the process of choosing bidders for various maintenance jobs in the school’s medical office building, the University’s Texas State Employees Union said it doesn’t...


CIA Director to discuss national security, public privacy

Lauren Florence September 15, 2015

Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan will discuss the role of intelligence in protecting the United States from national security threats and appropriate supervision of intelligence surveillance...


Rally held to push for gun legislation reforms

Lauren Florence September 11, 2015

About 30 people gathered outside Austin City Hall on Thursday to press for gun control regulation in response to the recent murder of two journalists in Virginia. The Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action...


Austin B-cycle launches low-income membership program, builds new stations

Lauren Florence September 8, 2015

An Austin bike-share program is making bike rentals more accessible to low-income residents seeking an affordable means of transportation. “B-cycle for All” is Austin B-cycle’s...


Bill requiring mental health, suicide prevention resources at Texas university orientations goes into effect

Lauren Florence September 2, 2015

A state law went into effect Tuesday requiring mental health resources and suicide prevention services be given to all incoming college students. The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1624 on June...

Homelessness increases among AISD students

Lauren Florence September 2, 2015

The number of homeless Austin Independent School District students increased by 30 percent over the past two years, according to HousingWorks Austin. The number of students without a permanent address...


Austin celebrates 25th annual Pride Parade

Lauren Florence August 31, 2015

An estimated 150,000 people flocked to downtown Austin on Saturday night for the city’s first Pride Parade since the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality this summer, according...


Court to decide jurisdiction of Jefferson Davis statue relocation

Lauren Florence August 27, 2015

A hearing regarding the relocation of two statues on campus will be heard Thursday to determine who has jurisdication over the historical monuments. After UT President Gregory Fenves announced the relocation...


Committee votes to continue adding fluoride to city water

Lauren Florence August 24, 2015

Austin committee members voted to continue fluoridating city water after taking no action on a proposal to remove the added fluoride. The Public Utilities Committee and Health and Human Services Committee...


Austin community members discuss renaming public school campuses named after Confederate leaders

Lauren Florence August 22, 2015

For the first time, members of the community discussed renaming four public school campuses at an Austin ISD committee meeting Thursday, and a majority of the public spoke in favor of the changes. The...


University focuses on compost efforts to try and reduce waste

Lauren Florence May 8, 2015

The University intends to divert 90 percent of its waste materials away from landfills by 2020, but its current percentage of materials diverted from landfills hovers around 35 to 40 percent, according...


Students hold ‘die-in’ protesting UT apparel sweatshops

Lauren Florence May 6, 2015

More than a dozen students lay down in front of the Tower on Tuesday in a “die-in,” protesting the conditions of sweatshops where official UT apparel is made. Students Against Sweatshops...


Students showcase startups at Demo Day

Lauren Florence May 1, 2015

Startups are critical to major, established companies because they embrace risk to support new technologies and ideas, the founder of Dell Inc. said. Students presented their own startups for products...


Moody College hosts hearing clinic for local musicians

Lauren Florence April 29, 2015

The Moody College of Communication helped educate local musicians about hearing loss and provided them with custom earplugs at the UT Speech and Hearing Center on Tuesday. The program, which is a collaboration...


Author: Surveillance technology is a double-edged sword

Lauren Florence April 22, 2015

New advances in technology have significant potential to be manipulated and weaponized, posing a threat to personal information and safety, according to a visiting author who spoke about the future of...


Panelists stress importance of social media skills

Lauren Florence April 15, 2015

Transferable skills — skills people learn in one place and can apply to another position — are vital when looking for a job in social media, according to a panel of graduates working in the...


Graduate student speaks about singing mice with longer, audible calls

Lauren Florence April 10, 2015

Most mice communicate at ultrasonic frequencies, so their nocturnal predators can’t hear them. Singing mice are an exception and have very lengthy, audible mating calls, according to a student researcher...


International Office “comes out” on National Institutions Coming Out Day to support undocumented students

Lauren Florence April 8, 2015

The University’s International Office was one of 72 institutions that “came out” Tuesday for the first National Institutions Coming Out Day, an effort to provide safe spaces for undocumented...


Faux golden eggs dash hopes of free textbooks at Co-op hunt

Lauren Florence April 3, 2015

About 40 students searched campus Thursday morning hoping to find a golden egg and win a semester’s worth of free textbooks in the process, but were misled by the presence of “fake” eggs...


Reagan defied stereotypes, campaign manager says

Lauren Florence April 1, 2015

Despite the stereotype as a “dumb actor,” former President Ronald Reagan’s greatest legacy was advancing the end of the Cold War, according to Reagan’s former campaign manager. At...


Bush adviser: Interrogation and torture are the only way to prevent terrorist attacks

Lauren Florence March 27, 2015

In a lecture on campus Thursday, John Yoo, who helped craft interrogation policies for the George W. Bush administration, said intelligence-gathering and the use of torture are the only way to stop terrorist...


Lecturer: Removal of Cuban embargo will improve U.S.-Cuban diplomatic relations

Lauren Florence March 25, 2015

President Barack Obama’s January removal of the Cuban embargo is an important step toward restoring diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S., according to a senior research fellow at the Lyndon...

Computing expert: Universities struggle to effectively implement cloud-based technologies

Lauren Florence March 13, 2015

Though cloud computing has the potential to be incredibly useful on college campuses, university administrators will have to educate and engage their own faculty members on the technology if they want...


Former U.S. representatives suggest policies to reform gridlock causes

Lauren Florence March 11, 2015

In order to solve the current gridlock in Congress, state politicians should create a non-partisan committee to oversee redistricting, according to former U.S. Reps Tom Davis (R-North Dakota) and Martin...


Ice day leaves some online students out in the cold

Lauren Florence March 6, 2015

Instead of using their laptops to watch Netflix on Thursday morning when classes were delayed, some students logged on to online courses to complete class work.  Inclement winter weather Wednesday...


Snapchat CEO offers advice and insight to students

Lauren Florence March 4, 2015

When looking to assemble a team for a startup, Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, found it crucial to find people with a variety of viewpoints who are willing to stand by their convictions.  “When...

DOM_2015-03-2_Girls_in _Engineering_Charlotte

UT students educate young women at Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Lauren Florence March 2, 2015

While middle school girls built “butterfly bots” with toothbrush heads and miniature motors, fourth- and fifth-grade students created balloon-powered toy cars and raced their creations at Introduce...


UT researcher finds synthetic estrogen in BPA-free plastics

Lauren Florence February 25, 2015

A UT researcher reported that products made without bisphenol A (BPA) emitted more synthetic estrogen than products containing the chemical. Neurobiology professor George Bittner published an article...


Teacher perception of race linked to student success, says professor

Lauren Florence February 23, 2015

Student success in school is tied to how teachers perceive a student’s race, which can itself differ from how students racially identify themselves, according to Yasmiyn Irizarry, an African and...


Lecturer: Government policies at odds with African-American community reinforce systems of inequality

Lauren Florence February 20, 2015

Although there has been progress in American race relations over the past few decades, events such as those in Ferguson, Missouri, signify an ongoing adverse relationship between government policies and...


Report shows decline in foreign language program enrollment

Lauren Florence February 16, 2015

According to a report recently released by the Modern Language Association, enrollment in foreign language courses has dropped 6.7 percent from 2009 to 2013 following about 20 years of consistent growth. The...


UT graduate discusses between physics and martial arts

Lauren Florence February 11, 2015

Quantitative analyst Jason Thalken has degrees in physics, mathematics and philosophy from UT, as well as a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Southern California — but he said his black belt...


Professor calls for partnership between Russia and NATO

Lauren Florence February 6, 2015

Russia should develop a long-lasting partnership with NATO to help the involved countries face the challenges of the 21st century, according to Sharyl Cross, professor and director of the Kozmetsky Center...


Researcher creates model to test memory function

Lauren Florence February 4, 2015

Sukbin Lim, neurobiology postdoctoral researcher at The University of Chicago, is working to build a conceptual model of the brain that will help researchers better understand how neurons communicate...

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