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UTD researchers develop remote therapy for war veterans

Lawrence Goodwyn May 2, 2017

Doctors can now provide their patients full therapy treatment without being in the same room. UT-Dallas computer science professor Balakrishnan Prabhakaran and his former graduate student Suraj Raghuraman...

0419_Protein Illo

A protein complex is the missing piece to developing new muscle

Lawrence Goodwyn April 20, 2017

Proud of your leg-day muscles? You can thank the Myomaker and Myomixer proteins. Eric Olson, professor and chairman of molecular biology at UT Southwestern, and Rhonda Bassel-Duby, molecular biology...

0419_Tomato Illo

UT students endorse organic farming

Lawrence Goodwyn April 20, 2017

UT students might be accustomed to organic food stands and specialty food stores in the heart of Austin, but organic farming is just catching on in the rest of the country. Members of the UT community...


Diseases can be better fought off by attacking the parasite’s own sleep schedule

Lawrence Goodwyn April 6, 2017

Administering drug treatments while parasites are less active may be the best way to put a deadly disease to rest.  UT Southwestern researchers discovered that the parasitic worm responsible for...

Engineers for a Sustainable World Conference coming to UT next week

Lawrence Goodwyn April 6, 2017

Engineers for a Sustainable World, or ESW, gives the green light to developing a more environmentally-conscious world. UT will host the annual ESW conference from April 6-April 9. The event features...

Scientists may be able to predict if a soldier will develop PTSD

Lawrence Goodwyn March 23, 2017

UT psychology professors have discovered a way of predicting whether or not a soldier will develop post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Michael Telch and Robert Josephs, professors of psychology,...

Microscope_courtesy of Reza Moheimani

UTD researchers are developing a smaller, cheaper microscope

Lawrence Goodwyn February 23, 2017

The new molecular-level microscope built by UT-Dallas researchers is smaller than size of a dime. Reza Moheimani, a professor of mechanical engineering, who heads the UT-Dallas Laboratory for Dynamics...


UT study finds solar energy storage increases overall consumption

Lawrence Goodwyn February 17, 2017

Storing solar power can actually increase energy consumption, according to a new UT study. Michael Webber, professor of mechanical engineering and deputy director of UT’s Energy Institute, and...


Impulsivity is a key trait to weight gain

Lawrence Goodwyn February 10, 2017

Impulsive people may find it harder to control weight gain, according to a UT Dallas study. Francesca Filbey, UTD brain and behavioral sciences professor at the Center for BrainHealth, discovered that...

DINO_Court_Elena Schroeter

Eighty million-year-old dinosaur collagen peptides confirmed

Lawrence Goodwyn February 3, 2017

Molecular research offers a new avenue of studying dinosaurs outside of solely examining their fossils. Elena Schroeter, a post-doctoral researcher at North Carolina State University, and Tim Cleland,...


Newly Discovered Gene Moderates Social Drinking

Lawrence Goodwyn January 27, 2017

Recent research points toward a specific gene that’s responsible for binge drinking behavior.  UT Southwestern researchers David Mangelsdorf and Steven Kliewer have been studying a protein...


UT-Arlington researchers study the effects of solar winds

Lawrence Goodwyn December 2, 2016

Solar wind significantly alters Earth’s magnetic field, which can affect Earth’s communication technologies.   Richard Bonde, a physics graduate student at UT Arlington, studies space...


Human gut microbiome may boost immunotherapy

Lawrence Goodwyn November 22, 2016

The diversity of bacteria in a patient’s gut may influence how well they respond to cancer treatments.  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers recently discovered that...


Eyeless millipede discovered in caverns of California

Lawrence Goodwyn November 21, 2016

The second-leggiest land-dwelling animal rests in the caves of California.   In 2006, UT research associate Jean Krejca discovered a tiny 414-legged millipede species under a rock in Lange Cave...


Researchers discover contamination in Eagle Ford Shale region

Lawrence Goodwyn November 16, 2016

In a recent study, UT Arlington researchers detected contaminants in South Texas drinking water that could be hazardous if allowed to accumulate. Scientists Zachariah Hildenbrand and Kevin Schug said...

Common food additive holds key to slowing down E. coli bacteria

Lawrence Goodwyn November 7, 2016

Researchers recently found that polysorbate 80, a common food additive, renders E. coli bacteria harmless. Alfredo Torres, UT Medical Branch Galveston researcher and UT alumnus, and Chris Waters, professor...


UT Southwestern researchers’ experiment brings hope for spinal cord injury patients

Lawrence Goodwyn November 4, 2016

A new experiment by UT Southwestern researchers may bring hope for spinal cord injury patients. Chun-Li Zhang, associate professor of molecular biology, and Lei-Lei Wang, postdoctoral researcher, recently...

Roundworm Courtesy of Sudip Mondal

New device speeds up neurodegenerative disease research

Lawrence Goodwyn November 1, 2016

UT researchers recently developed a device that makes it easier to study living Caenorhabditis elegans roundworms.   Earlier this month, Adela Ben-Yakar, professor of biomedical engineering and...


New chemotherapy method delivers drugs directly to cells

Lawrence Goodwyn October 28, 2016

“Connectosomes,” a new type of nanoparticle developed by UT researchers, may be capable of delivering medicine more efficiently to individual cells. Avinash Gadok, biomedical engineering...

UT’s CT lab helps classify beardog fossils

Lawrence Goodwyn October 21, 2016

With nothing but a skull and a jawbone to study, UT’s Computed Tomography, or CT, lab recently helped researchers classify two 38-million-year-old fossils as belonging to a group of animals called...

Carter Haines of the NanoTech Institute

UT Dallas researchers develop new materials for robotic prosthetic technology and ‘smart’ clothing

Lawrence Goodwyn October 12, 2016

A new twist in fiber manufacturing by UT Dallas researchers is making “artificial muscles.”  The team of researchers recently published a study describing their discovery that twisting...


Flowers serve as hubs for ‘friendly’ bacteria

Lawrence Goodwyn September 22, 2016

Bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers, but UT research shows food might not be all they pick up while buzzing between blooms. Former UT postdoctoral researcher Quinn McFrederick published a study...


Artifact Identification Day coming to Memorial Museum on Sunday

Lawrence Goodwyn September 14, 2016

When it comes to identifying mysterious minerals, enthusiasts can sometimes find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The UT Memorial Museum is here to help. The museum will be hosting its annual...


Simultaneous real-time flood forecasting of streams across the nation is now possible

Lawrence Goodwyn September 12, 2016

Every year, over 200 people die in the US from flash floods. New research by UT professors could make flood forecasting more efficient and help prevent these deaths.  David Maidment, UT civil engineering...

courtesy of SEC Expo Committee

Student Engineering Council to host annual EXPO

Lawrence Goodwyn August 31, 2016

The Student Engineering Council will host its annual UT-Austin Engineering EXPO on Sept. 7 and 8. The event, which will be held at the Frank Erwin Center, will allow more than 5,000 undergraduate and...

smartwindows court Delia Milliron

Coating material can control heat and light from the sun entering rooms making ‘smart windows’

Lawrence Goodwyn August 30, 2016

Like transition lenses for houses and cars, new technology will allow users to change the tint of their windows with the touch of a button.  Delia Milliron, a UT chemical engineering associate...

Zika treatment in the works with already accessible drugs

Lawrence Goodwyn August 22, 2016

With no cure for Zika available yet, scientists at the UT Medical Branch at Galveston have been trying to find a cure for the virus using medications that are already on the market.  The team,...


Bacteria have the ability to combine and increase infectiousness

Lawrence Goodwyn July 22, 2016

When bacteria join forces, it isn’t good news. UT biologists recently discovered that two species of mouth bacteria often found together, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, also known as Aa,...


UT Dallas Researchers Developing Electronic Nose To Aid Health Diagnoses

Lawrence Goodwyn July 20, 2016

A new electronic nose identifies more than just bad breath. UT Dallas researchers, Dr. Navneet Sharma and Qian Zhong, recently built an electronic nose that uses breath analysis to detect a wide array...


Aerosols strengthen storm clouds, create longer and more intense storms

Lawrence Goodwyn June 30, 2016

The accumulation of aerosols can cause storm clouds to linger longer and generate stronger storms. Most people associate aerosol with a can of hairspray, spray paint or keyboard cleaner. However, aerosols...


UT Dallas researchers develop material for improved electronics

Lawrence Goodwyn June 19, 2016

UT Dallas researchers recently discovered a new way to improve the speed and capability of electronics.   Cheng-Cheng Liu, the study’s lead author and assistant professor at Beijing Institute...


New Discovery Challenges Fundamentals of Astronomy

Lawrence Goodwyn June 13, 2016

UT astronomers have found a young giant planet that defies the basic concepts of astronomy. CI Tau b, a planet recently discovered by astronomers from UT, Rice University, Wesleyan University and NASA,...

Diabetes-patch court Hui Won Yun

UT researchers develop translucent device to potentially aid in diabetes control

Lawrence Goodwyn April 27, 2016

Diabetics have traditionally used test strip monitors, insulin shots and insulin pumps to control their blood glucose levels. Now, they have a simpler, non-invasive method.   UT scientists...


Melting polar ice caps affect Earth’s wobble

Lawrence Goodwyn April 27, 2016

The “Wobble” was a trend that swept across dance floors in 2008. Around the same time, geologists realized their own wobble was changing dramatically due to climate change.  Sea levels...


Researchers develop mosquito-killing algae to fight mosquito-related viruses

Lawrence Goodwyn April 11, 2016

UT researchers have biologically engineered a new algae that can kill mosquitoes during their larval stage.  Molecular biology professor and principal investigator David Herrin, UT alumnus and...


Student creates petition to relocate monkeys used for research

Lawrence Goodwyn April 11, 2016

A student has started a petition to relocate macaque monkeys at the UT Animal Resource Center. If they are not relocated, scientists will euthanize these primates.  Just about a half-mile from...

Secretion Courtesy of Randy Schekman

Nobel Prize winner speaks about cancer detection

Lawrence Goodwyn March 23, 2016

At UT’s Annual Burdette Lecture, a Nobel Prize winner discussed a potential method for early cancer recognition.  This year’s lecturer, Randy Schekman, a molecular biology professor...


Changes in voting technology could affect 2020 presidential election

Lawrence Goodwyn March 11, 2016

Voters may not have to storm the polls to show support for Kanye West in the 2020 presidential election — changes in voting technology may let them cast their ballot from the couch. Diego Bernal,...


Warren Spector departs from UT

Lawrence Goodwyn March 1, 2016

The founder and director of the UT Denius-Sams Gaming Academy is going back into video game creation.  This month, Warren Spector announced his decision to leave UT and return to work on his 1990s...


Free programming seminar held at Austin Public Library

Lawrence Goodwyn February 23, 2016

About 50 students, from cursory programmers to future “Mark Zuckerbergs” flocked to the Austin Public Library last week to learn about coding.  Seikou Technologies hosted the event...

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