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Artist sets up shop in Austin

Lindsey Cherner February 25, 2013

View Additional Pictures The day after David Heisler graduated college, he accepted a position working as a digital assistant and retoucher for Hollywood photographer, Greg Gorman.  “Every...


The Record profiles a true Rock and Roll band

Lindsey Cherner February 12, 2013

Follow The Record on Twitter. Without an introduction, Scorpion Child is obviously a rock band. Clad in lightwash jeans, boots, button-down shirts and moppy curls that look tousled in an  effortless...


For Carillon Restaurant chef Josh Watkins, it’s been a lifetime of cooking

Lindsey Cherner January 28, 2013

Nearly 20 years later he still vividly remembers changing the plating of a dessert at Macaroni Grill. It was right then, now 34-year-old executive chef Josh Watkins, decided that without creativity...

The Record-BIgTop

Big Top Candy Shop offers nostalgia to satisfy any sweet tooth

Lindsey Cherner November 26, 2012

Editors Note: The Record is a biweekly segment dedicated to featuring the people and traditions that make The University of Texas such a distinct place. Follow The Record on Twitter. (Illustration...

Lucy in Disguise DOM

Jenna Radtke supplies Austin with a flamboyant selection of costumes at Lucy in Disguise

Lindsey Cherner November 12, 2012

Editors Note: The Record is a biweekly segment dedicated to featuring the people and traditions that make The University of Texas such a distinct place. Follow The Record on Twitter. Lucy in...


Student DJs reveal what it takes to spin

Lindsey Cherner October 31, 2012

Following the likes of David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Avicii, students around campus are becoming self-taught disc jockeys and music producers, gaining a fan base and landing paid gigs. However, with...


Student dedicates blog to being healthy

Lindsey Cherner October 23, 2012

Claire Siegel, a nutrition and Plan II senior, said she will never forget that afternoon she spent searching the Internet for things like “how to not get fat abroad” and “how to stay...

UT-Arlington student posts flyers around UT-Austin campus in hopes of finding fleeting mystery girl

Lindsey Cherner October 18, 2012

As Kaelin Mace, a 17-year-old Austin Community College student, toured the UT campus and glossed over the various message boards, she encountered the most romantic gesture she had ever seen: a boy looking...


Hip-hop champs strive for more wins

Lindsey Cherner September 25, 2012

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but for Redefined Dance Company, inspiration comes from music that reflects members’ life experiences. Most recently, the members choreographed their movements...


Normandy Scholar Program students focus on World War II, prepare to travel to Europe

Lindsey Cherner April 25, 2012

A trip to Majdanek, a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, made a lasting impact on Plan II sophomore Daley Epstein. Two years later, Epstein distinctly remembers standing at the camp during a trip she took...


Application tracks location in real-time

Lindsey Cherner April 23, 2012

As sociology junior Taylor Orth waited for friends to pick her up, she watched their faces move closer and closer to her location on the map. Even though they were running late, she knew they were nearby...


Longhorn Circus offers alternative exercise and self-expression

Lindsey Cherner April 16, 2012

Longhorn Circus members used their bodies and hands to create new artistic poses in the air last Wednesday, while others used hula hoops as they danced around the South Mall. Meanwhile, students walking...


When the dogs come marching in

Lindsey Cherner April 5, 2012

On Saturday, April 7, Hotel San Jose and Jo’s Hot Coffee will host their 13th Annual Easter Pet Parade, in which pets will be dressed in drag theme in honor of local cross-dressing homeless icon...


University Flying Club encourages students to live out their dreams of flying

Lindsey Cherner March 30, 2012

While looking at both the dashboard of controllers and the horizon ahead, finance junior and student pilot Alex Madison demonstrated decisive judgment and confidence beyond his flying experience as the...


Classic and modern dances evoke emotion

Lindsey Cherner March 23, 2012

Fifteen dancers in The University of Texas at Austin Department of Theatre and Dance followed associate professor of dance Charles Anderson’s vision as they wrote letters to a loved one as if they...


Film committee hosts local film festival

Lindsey Cherner March 1, 2012

Over winter break, freshman radio-television-film sophomore Chris Gilman and his friend Will Kempner, a student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, wrote, planned and produced their...


Sophomore Paige Baize lives strong for LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon

Lindsey Cherner February 17, 2012

The hardest step pre-pharmacy sophomore and runner Paige Baize has taken is the one out the door, she said. “I think of the last mile to mile-and-a-half of the marathon and how that’s going...


Annual chili cook-off will benefit local woman

Lindsey Cherner February 2, 2012

This Saturday in the Jo’s Coffee parking lot, locals will gather to conjure up their best chili and learn how to two-step while also benefitting the Lila Tenenbown Recovery Fund at the Jo’s...


UT students perform traditional Asian Dragon and Lion Dances

Lindsey Cherner January 27, 2012

Six students run holding their poles at 90 degree angles, each attached to part of a Chinese dragon’s body. After weaving back and forth across the South Mall, they create a wall with the dragon’s...


Second film serious to showcase work of disabled

Lindsey Cherner January 19, 2012

On Friday, Jan. 20, VSA Texas, also known as Very Special Arts, will be hosting the Disability from Real to Reel Film Series to showcase local and international films by and about people with disabilities. The...

Gigglepants improv ‘strives to constantly fail’

Lindsey Cherner December 2, 2011

In groups of four, members of UT’s Gigglepants improv comedy troupe began creating a scene based off of a word given to them by their peers. They only changed the direction of the scene when specific...

Holiday show displays work by disabled artists

Lindsey Cherner November 29, 2011

At the age of 15, Karen Thomas lost all usable vision. Now, 27 years later, she is getting ready for her first ever art show being put on by VSA Texas, or Very Special Arts. “So much can be accomplished,...

UT students spread awareness about invisible children

Lindsey Cherner November 15, 2011

When Hannah Moody was in eighth grade, she went to a conference with her church where she saw “Rough Cut,” an original documentary released in 2003 by Invisible Children, a social, political...

Coffee robot serves up precise hot beverages

Lindsey Cherner November 10, 2011

Charles Studor was fascinated by the women he saw in Honduras and their ability to create smooth, creamy coffee that couldn’t seem to be replicated in the U.S. Now, years later, replication will...

Service organization to host charity capture the flag tournament

Lindsey Cherner November 3, 2011

Every year the Orange Jackets, the oldest all-girl honorary service organization at UT, recruit a new class of sophomores and juniors that spend a year doing large-scale service projects. This year’s...

Robotics enthusiasts share expertise

Lindsey Cherner October 25, 2011

As a lover of science fiction, Don Colbath couldn’t say no to helping his dad with everything. He assembled televisions and was always up for a new do-it-yourself project. “I’m just...

Metal detecting club digs up good vibes

Lindsey Cherner October 17, 2011

When Jim Lawhon began detecting for metal in his backyard more than 15 years ago, he had little piles of dirt where he had found silver and gold coins. But after years of patience and many different metal...

Student group works to keep carillon tradition alive

Lindsey Cherner October 10, 2011

With his fists clenched and his wrists light, Austin Ferguson’s hands quickly move across the wooden baton and bangs them to effortlessly create the ringing bells that sound across campus. Simultaneously,...

Austinites head over heels for trapeze lessons

Lindsey Cherner October 3, 2011

[Updated at 10:53 p.m., removed claim to being only instructional trapeze school in the central U.S.] Margret Johnson lets out a shrill scream as she jumps off of the platform, both hands firmly gripping...

Archery club practices poise, focus

Lindsey Cherner September 26, 2011

The pounding of the arrows as they strike the back wall covered in targets is continuous during every practice. Down the lines, shooters of all levels of experience nock their arrows, draw their bows and...

UT student shares Chinese yo-yo experience

Lindsey Cherner September 16, 2011

All you hear is the whirring of the yo-yo as it’s looped through the air, held aloft only by two wooden sticks, a string that connects them and the patience of Thomas Gu. With a relaxed tension in...


Trailer serves Italian comfort food for Austin crowd

Lindsey Cherner May 6, 2011

On the corner of South First and West Live Oak streets stands an orange trailer complete with a mustache painted on the back and fresh flowers in pots on the windowsill. The Arancini trailer, reading...

Alumna’s shoe line offers comfy solution to heels

Lindsey Cherner April 19, 2011

When she’s traveling or just wants a break for her feet, Jessica Nadeau slips on a pair of her Solettos — a comfortable ballet flat designed for emergency situations. “When you...

Breaking it down

Lindsey Cherner April 14, 2011

Every Wednesday night, funk and hip-hop music is heard around the hall and through the closed doors of the Union Quadrangle Room. As Darren Lam made quick crossovers with his feet, he then dropped to...

Pantry volunteers give food for thought

Lindsey Cherner April 1, 2011

Every Saturday, hungry people file in to the Micah 6 Food Pantry and sit and wait for their food. Others drift toward the sign off to the side that says “clases de ingles gratis,” or free...

Business students create Bible study, incorporate ethics

Lindsey Cherner March 8, 2011

At first Brothers and Sisters in Business simply wanted to change the businessmen and women for the better. Once they saw this was possible, they wanted to change the world one ethical decision at a...

Music, rhythm fascinates deaf student

Lindsey Cherner November 17, 2010

Jannifer Wilkins spoke without words, her hands forming a language that Barbie Parker, her interpreter, decoded. Wilkins was born deaf, and has been singing since she was a child; since before she could...

Group pushes students to globalize education

Lindsey Cherner November 14, 2010

Latin American studies senior Asiago Ogaisa is a big believer in karma, and rightfully so. While in Vietnam, Ogaisa ate dog, a traditional staple of the country’s diet, but just a week later,...

Lifelong dream of flying inspires UT business major to take to the sky

Lindsey Cherner November 3, 2010

Max Tribolet walks around the plane, completing tasks on a tedious list that includes testing the lights and switches in the cockpit, checking the weather and making sure the air space is clear....

Sailing Club members tackle harsh winds

Lindsey Cherner November 1, 2010

Last winter on Lake Travis, there were 30 knots of wind, so much that advertising senior and UT Sailing Club secretary Jennifer Beazley had to take the main jib, or front sail, down from her boat, forcing...

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