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Editor-in-chief self-indulges one last time

Liza Anderson May 10, 2019

I threw myself into this paper. For three years, I lived and breathed The Daily Texan.  I walked into this basement as a designer. For five hours once a week, I would design the sports or life&arts...


A year after sexual misconduct investigation, Coleman Hutchison will teach undergraduates this fall

Liza Anderson April 10, 2019

Last June, the University of Texas found associate professor Coleman Hutchison had violated the University’s sexual misconduct policies after complaints by five graduate students.  Yesterday...


When UT doesn’t release information about on-campus incidents in a timely manner, students panic

Liza Anderson February 13, 2019

At 11:15 Monday night, UTPD responded to a disturbance at the Union. According to UTPD, a non-UT affiliated man yelled threats within the communal space. UTPD pursued him to the 24th block of Guadalupe,...


Information about professor misconduct should be easier to find

Liza Anderson January 29, 2019

Last September, I received a Freedom of Information Act request confirming professor Coleman Hutchison had violated the University’s sexual misconduct guidelines. I requested something called a findings...


Looking for a place at UT? Come to The Daily Texan.

Liza Anderson January 22, 2019

The Daily Texan is the student newspaper for the University of Texas. We’ve represented the UT community since 1900, more of our alumni have gone on to win Pulitzer prizes than any other college...


Find your voice, apply to be a part of The Daily Texan’s staff this fall

Liza Anderson August 27, 2018

The Daily Texan has played a key role at the University of Texas since 1900. In The Daily Texan’s 118-year history, it has won more national, regional, state and local awards than any other college...


Find your voice, apply for The Daily Texan’s summer staff

Liza Anderson June 12, 2018

The Daily Texan has played a key role at the University of Texas since 1900. In The Daily Texan’s 118-year history, it has won more national, regional, state and local awards than any other college...


Student voices push for change, look to the future

This semester, The Daily Texan Forum has had the privilege of pulling together a wide array of voices from the university and its surrounding community. The Daily Texan has its limitations as an organization,...


UT community needs to reckon with University’s racist past

Founded in 1883, UT came into being on the heels of the Civil War, and many of its founding members hailed from Confederate ranks. Almost 150 years later, this history remains ever-present on the 40 Acres....


Legislative leaders call for student involvement

With only about 20 percent of the student body consistently participating in campus-wide elections, legislative student organizations have a widespread perception of being unable to create useful change...

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Students protest removal of Fine Arts Library stacks

Throughout the past year, the University has relocated more than 75,000 books and physical resources from the Fine Arts Library to off-campus storage sites at the JJ Pickle Research Campus and a joint...


Students, lawmakers discuss the March for Our Lives

The recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida prompted a wave of protests advocating for school safety and stricter gun control measures. These protests, largely organized...


Professors offer observations on race and representation at UT

Representation matters, and UT’s demographic breakdown affects student reactions to university events. The last few weeks of Student Government elections are the latest example of this interaction,...


Daily Texan best serves UT by focusing on investigation, interpretation

Liza Anderson February 23, 2018

The Daily Texan is the only newspaper dedicated to reporting on the University of Texas. As such, it has a unique responsibility to the students of this university. If something happens at UT, it’s...


Students need more resources for finding off-campus housing

Liza Anderson February 19, 2018

Every morning, thousands of UT students commute to campus by bus, car, bike, or the distinctive West Campus walk — complete with high-knee steps over shattered liquor bottles and piles of dog excrement....


Students, faculty advocate for more inclusive UT

Liza Anderson, Vik Shirvaikar, and Janhavi Nemawarkar February 12, 2018

While students come to UT-Austin from all over Texas, and all over the world, not all of them arrive on an equal playing field. The university can do more to alleviate the institutional barriers that bar...


Let’s bridge the gap between disciplines

Vik Shirvaikar, Janhavi Nemawarkar, and Liza Anderson February 5, 2018

Across UT-Austin, professors and thousands of students work in search of new discoveries in science while others focus on expanding our understanding of human interactions and history. Outside the university-setting,...


Me Too movement extends beyond Hollywood

Liza Anderson, Vik Shirvaikar, and Janhavi Nemawarkar January 29, 2018

As the Me Too movement progresses, it has brought conversations about sexual harassment into the mainstream. While the most publicized stories have come from Hollywood and the media, the movement has shed...


Special education caps hurt Texas students

Vik Shirvaikar, Liza Anderson, and Janhavi Nemawarkar January 22, 2018

The Daily Texan Forum page is a place for people who are not on the Texan’s staff to weigh in on the happenings of the university and the surrounding community. Every Monday of this semester, we...

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UT’s sexual assault system is broken

Liza Anderson November 30, 2017

Sexual  assault  cases  at  the University  level rely on two main components: a definition of assault and a structured process for making disciplinary decisions and hearing appeals.  UT’s...


Rejection of Obama policies shows contempt for victims

Liza Anderson September 12, 2017

On Thursday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced her intentions to repeal Obama-era protections for victims of sexual assault on college campuses. Specifically, she targeted a 2011 “Dear...


Department of Education must continue releasing list of Title IX investigations

Liza Anderson July 31, 2017

Under the Trump administration, the Department of Education may soon abandon its practice of releasing a list of universities under investigation for Title IX violations. Secretary DeVos leans toward ending...


Department of Education chooses assailants over survivors

Liza Anderson July 24, 2017

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced last week her intentions to roll back several Obama-era protections against sexual assault on college campuses. These changes embody a misguided attempt at...

fetal burial

Fetal Burial law presents misplaced, ideological stand against federal courts

Liza Anderson July 17, 2017

At the end of its last legislative session, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 and severely restricted abortions within the state. Contained within the law, Section 697.003 mandates that fetal...

Online Wage Gap Infographic_Kelly Smith-1

Texas must address many wage gaps

Liza Anderson July 10, 2017

Texas has a serious problem with equal pay; it’s existed for years, and the state is not addressing it. The average Texas woman makes 79 cents for every dollar the average man makes, but that’s...


Texas abortion law is cruel, irresponsible

Liza Anderson July 4, 2017

On September 1, the most despicable abortion law in Texas history will go into effect. Signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott at the end of last month, SB8 will directly harm Texas women and negatively...


Texas law presents first step against child marriages

Liza Anderson June 22, 2017

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a bill designed to eradicate child marriages within the state. SB 1705, which will go into effect on September 1, introduces a minimum age for marriage...


Legislative progress mandates institutional reassessments of sexual assault

Liza Anderson June 11, 2017

During the 85th session, the Texas Legislature sent three bills addressing college rape to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk. Two of these bills prohibit the prosecution of minors who report sexual assault,...

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University must focus first on supporting survivors of sexual assault

Liza Anderson May 2, 2017

One of the most striking features of the University’s sexual assault survey is the rampant underreporting of sexual assaults at UT. Of the 15 percent of female undergraduates who were sexually assaulted,...

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Condoms, not ignorance, belong in bedroom

Liza Anderson April 25, 2017

Last week, Student Government approved a resolution  to stock high traffic restrooms on campus with menstrual products. This resolution reflects an encouraging trend on their part to promote women’s...

Frat info color

Fraternities’ link to rape should not be ignored

Liza Anderson April 19, 2017

When the University released the results of a campus-wide study on sexual assault last month, they were accompanied by a myriad of promises to recommit to eliminating sexual violence. One arena in which...

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Society praises assailants who assault women while ignoring victims

Liza Anderson April 11, 2017

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Ostensibly, this means that we dedicate the month of April to promoting the interests of sexual assault survivors and expanding awareness of the problem of sexual...

rape pt 2 inforgraphic

UT must study motivations of male rapists

Liza Anderson April 4, 2017

After the results of UT’s sexual assault study revealed that 15 percent of female undergraduates had experienced rape, many have sought to understand this staggering figure. However, one aspect of...


UT must change outlook on sexual assault

Liza Anderson March 28, 2017

Last week, President Gregory Fenves released the results of a study on the prevalence of sexual misconduct at the University. In this report, the administration reasserted its commitment to preventing...


Voter ID laws recall Jim Crow-era discrimination

Liza Anderson March 21, 2017

In a 2013 decision, the Supreme Court struck down a provision of the Voting Rights Act that required certain districts and states with a history of civil rights violations to submit any proposed changes...


Fenves lacks power to meet student demands

Liza Anderson February 28, 2017

In response to the appearance of anti-Muslim flyers last week, the University administration held a town hall forum Wednesday to discuss the political climate on campus. The meeting descended into shouts...


Republicans cede legitimacy on states’ rights arguments

Liza Anderson February 21, 2017

Contention over the power of the states versus the federal government predates the United States. At the time of the revolution, America had been successfully operating as 13 independent economies loosely...


Activists must hold elected officials accountable to protect public education

Liza Anderson February 14, 2017

On Feb. 7, Betsy DeVos was sworn in as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education amidst widespread controversy and opposition. She was justly criticized for her glaring lack of experience and apparent ignorance...


Protests must unify around achievable goals

Liza Anderson January 31, 2017

Protest has always been significant in American history. In essence, protest is intended to give a voice to the voiceless, serving as the only means disadvantaged groups have of expressing themselves....

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