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Democratic socialism challenges neoliberal environmentalism

Lizeth Badillo December 10, 2018

When deciding party affiliation, we are made to believe that only two routes are politically realistic or culturally feasible: Democrat or Republican.  The reality is that both are inefficient...


I’m zero waste: Here’s how I do it

Lizeth Badillo November 29, 2018

I learned about the zero waste movement from the recommended section of YouTube. As vlogs about zero waste and minimalism popped up, my entire philosophy on life changed. Before this, I considered myself...


Embrace sustainability by buying clothing secondhand

Lizeth Badillo November 15, 2018

Everything in my closet is secondhand. I have gotten everything, from sweaters to shoes, at secondhand stores such as Goodwill and Plato’s Closet — or from pieces my sisters have outgrown....


This November, it’s Ted Cruz or us

Lizeth Badillo October 30, 2018

We have all heard the narrative: Illegal immigrants are coming into the United States bringing crime and drugs and stealing jobs. They are parasites here to live off of and threaten the security of Americans...

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We love plastic, now we can’t get away from it

Lizeth Badillo October 23, 2018

The magnitude of America’s plastic consumption shows that we’ll sacrifice anything for convenience.  Since the beginning of the large-scale production of plastic in the 1950s, humans...


Take back your period: Stop using tampons

Lizeth Badillo October 10, 2018

I’ll be honest. I started wearing cloth pads in response to a dare. Before, I was an ordinary gal with an ordinary period experience. I gave no more thought to why I was wearing tampons than the...

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We can all do our part to fight climate change by composting

Lizeth Badillo October 3, 2018

The food waste we generate, combined with all the other trash in landfills, directly contributes to climate change. When buried in landfills, food decomposes slowly in the absence of oxygen. This results...

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Students need to be more conscious of what they recycle

Lizeth Badillo September 26, 2018

From soda cans to pieces of paper, we have all been guilty of throwing things away that could have been recycled. So when we do recycle, we tend to feel pretty good about ourselves and our impact on the...

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