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UT should offer healthier snacks in vending machines

Maggie Lazaroski December 11, 2019

You woke up late, missed breakfast, forgot to brush your teeth, yet somehow made it to class on time. All of a sudden, your cheeks go red with embarrassment as others either turn around to look at you...


Help students studying abroad with leasing

Maggie Lazaroski November 21, 2019

Studying abroad is one of the most valuable parts of college. There aren’t many opportunities postgraduation to take six months off and travel to a different country with your friends to learn about...


Influencer culture isolates, increases disconnect among students on campus

Maggie Lazaroski November 20, 2019

That’s it. I’m going to say it. The thing nobody is supposed to say.  College is SO hard.  Difficult classes aside, you have to make new friends, live on your own, prepare for...


Social studies courses need to use essay-based tests

Maggie Lazaroski November 12, 2019

Six hours of government, six more hours of history and three more hours of a social and behavioral science. These core requirements equate to an entire semester (or more) of classes — a whole eighth...


Expand mental health care to better help socially anxious students

Maggie Lazaroski November 1, 2019

Thousands of strangers fresh out of high school arrive in a brand new city. They sleep in small rooms with someone they’ve never met before and attend events to try to find the community they belong...


UT must educate new students on racism of ‘The Eyes of Texas’

Maggie Lazaroski October 23, 2019

Thousands of people cheer among a sea of burnt orange. The feeling of camaraderie and community is palpable. “The Eyes of Texas” begins to play, and everyone in the crowd raises their hands...


Provide specialized UT tours to cater to prospective students

Maggie Lazaroski October 16, 2019

Clarification (10/28/19): In addition to campus tours, specific interests sessions are offered by different colleges and programs on campus, many of which feature building tours. Think back to your...


Try meditation to regulate anxiety, improve emotional regulation skills

Maggie Lazaroski October 2, 2019

A hundred pages of reading, a lab report due tomorrow, an extra shift at work. It all tends to pile up on top of busy students. Personally, I have struggled with anxiety since I was in middle school....

registration_0416_MelWestfall(registration) copy

Students need more freedom, flexibility during registration

Maggie Lazaroski September 25, 2019

Every semester, a new course schedule is released, and with it comes an entirely new spectrum of topics for students to explore. One of the greatest appeals of higher education is that it can be molded...


Language courses need more conversational speech practice

Maggie Lazaroski September 17, 2019

Learning a new language is hard. Speaking it tends to be even harder. Foreign languages provide students with many advantages, such as a competitive edge in job hunting, a more global worldview and the...

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