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Police combat resurgence of scam artists targeting organizations, elderly citizens

Marty McAndrews April 7, 2011

UT Police Department and the Austin Police Department are on alert concerning scam artists that have been targeting individuals and businesses in Austin. Con artists are perpetrating the “phoner...

Task force rounds up gang members

Marty McAndrews April 6, 2011

Operation “Gang Crusher,” an initiative of the Austin Police Department, targeted 40 criminals affiliated with Austin area gangs last week. Using a federal grant, APD formed a FBI...

Drifting on the drag

Marty McAndrews April 1, 2011

"Want to help me make love on the sidewalk?” Sid, a 20-year-old transient, asks as he spells out L-O-V-E in silver change on the pavement. Sid sits outside the University Federal Credit...

APD on lookout for three men for burglary in West Campus

Marty McAndrews March 31, 2011

The Austin Police Department is seeking the help of UT students in catching three burglars responsible for an attempted January robbery in West Campus, according to a Wednesday press release. Surveillance...

Roundup crime rates

Marty McAndrews March 29, 2011

  Last weekend’s annual Roundup event for prospective members of UT fraternities and sororities may have seemed like a wild time for some West Campus residents, but it resulted...

SXSW crowd increase raises safety concerns

Marty McAndrews March 24, 2011

South By Southwest witnessed a handful of small disasters that shook the machinery of the festival, which draws thousands of visitors to Austin every March. Problems at this year’s SXSW included concert-goers...

Construction, three crashes tie up Drag in single afternoon

Marty McAndrews March 24, 2011

An accident between two motor vehicles Tuesday congested traffic on Guadalupe Street when it occurred directly across from the University Co-op. The driver of a blue sedan collided with a tan sedan...

Investigation finds universities dismiss recruits’ past crimes

Marty McAndrews March 22, 2011

A special investigation published earlier this month found that 7 percent of players from top college football teams in the NCAA have criminal records. Sports Illustrated and CBS News conducted a joint...

Proposed bill may lift Sunday liquor ban

Marty McAndrews March 9, 2011

A bill in the Texas Legislature that could repeal the ban on Sunday liquor sales caused an uproar from several liquor store owners during public testimony Tuesday. The Sunday liquor ban is an example...

Austin police report confirms declining violent crime rates

Marty McAndrews March 8, 2011

Citywide violent and property crimes reached a six-year low late last month, according to a new Austin Police Department report. According to the report, citywide violent crime decreased by 19.1 percent,...

A&M cadets steal newspapers because of unflattering story

Marty McAndrews March 2, 2011

Corps of Cadets members at Texas A&M University stole thousands of copies of the school’s student newspaper Monday, causing more than $5,000 in damages. The Corps members responded to...

Activist organizations hold rivaling gun trade-in events

Marty McAndrews February 28, 2011

  Gun rights activists aiming to arm and protect law-abiding citizens protested Saturday against a city commission’s gun buyback program. The Greater Austin Crime Commission, a...

Panel explores plight of homeless Austinites

Marty McAndrews February 27, 2011

Homeless individuals sat across from academic experts on homelessness to share their perspectives on poverty in Austin and share their stories at the opening of a new exhibition. Studio art graduate...

Court system pushes juveniles from school to jail at early age

Marty McAndrews February 23, 2011

Texas law enforcement agencies issue 275,000 nontraffic tickets to juveniles each year, most of which are linked to school-related misbehavior, said Deborah Fowler, deputy director of public interest...

Student radio stations unite against buyouts

Marty McAndrews February 21, 2011

UT’s student radio station, KVRX, simultaneously broadcasted an Internet feed of a California freeform community radio station Friday afternoon to draw attention to the disappearance of student...

Panelists weigh in on prisoner and detainee rights

Marty McAndrews February 21, 2011

One in every 100 Americans is serving time in prison, and the state of Texas alone has 150,000 people incarcerated, said Tiffany Dowling, a clinical instructor in the School of Law. Five panelists...

North Campus tire slasher arrested

Marty McAndrews February 18, 2011

The Austin Police Department arrested a North Campus tire-slashing vigilante after releasing a warrant early Thursday. Tommy Joe Kelley was involved in at least five separate documented cases of...

Photos showcase LGBT Mexican families

Marty McAndrews February 18, 2011

Editor’s note: Some statements were partially translated from Spanish. A series of black-and-white portraits reveal the private lives of gay, lesbian and transgender families in Mexico City...

Ceremony recognizes fallen workers

Marty McAndrews February 13, 2011

The Workers Defense Project student initiative held a remembrance ceremony Friday for three workers that fell from the 11th floor of the 21 Rio luxury apartments during the 2009 construction. Students...

Sex trafficking talk explores global policy

Marty McAndrews February 9, 2011

Local feminist groups filtered transnational sex trafficking through an economic lens at a Tuesday lecture, providing local, national and global frameworks for the issue. The Center for Women’s...

Texas student groups join to talk about human rights

Marty McAndrews February 7, 2011

Texas representatives of Amnesty International bumped into ballerinas and activist groups during the global human rights organization’s 2011 Amnesty Texas State Conference at Ballet Austin. Lily Vo,...

Respected reporter, editor remembered

Marty McAndrews February 3, 2011

Sam Kinch Jr., Dallas Morning News reporter and former editor for The Daily Texan, died Tuesday. Kinch, 70, suffered from pancreatic cancer. Austin American-Statesman columnist Dave McNeely remembers...

Undocumented immigrant numbers increase

Marty McAndrews February 3, 2011

About 11.2 million undocumented immigrants lived in the United States in 2010 — up from 11.1 million in 2009 — according to a Pew Hispanic Center report. The nonpartisan Washington, D.C., research...

Professor urges Obama to revise foreign policy

Marty McAndrews February 2, 2011

An open letter from a UT professor urging President Obama to support vocally the cause of the Egyptian protestors has drawn the signatures of more than 150 political scientists across the country. In...

Hide your plants, hide your pipes

Marty McAndrews February 2, 2011

Juan Martinez stood with his back firmly planted against the wind, hands stuffed into the pockets of his gray hooded sweatshirt. Martinez, a construction worker on the Belo Center for New Media, kept a...

LBJ library director plans renovation to attract students

Marty McAndrews February 1, 2011

As one of his first major acts as director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Mark Updegrove proposed renovations to the museum’s permanent exhibit to attract a wider and younger crowd. The...

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