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Opt for an English proficiency test that is conscious of COVID-19

Maya H. December 2, 2020

The UT community stretches around the world with over 5,000 international students from over 100 countries. To make the Forty Acres their new home, applicants from non-English speaking countries must submit...

Audrey Williams_UTPD

UTPD, keep your lights off at night

Maya H. November 18, 2020

In response to a series of robberies near campus, UT Police Department squad cars stationed in West Campus will keep their red and blue lights on at night to deter crime by making cops more visible. This...

maya fri

Students should have greater say in Freshman Research Initiative stream placement

Maya H. November 11, 2020

UT’s renowned Freshman Research Initiative, housed in the College of Natural Sciences, is the largest undergraduate research program in the nation. With over 29 different concentrations or “streams,”...


Earning while e-learning is harder than it has to be

Maya H. October 28, 2020

For many college students, balancing work and school is a familiar struggle. According to a 2015 report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, 70-80% of undergraduate college...

Riya Anand_voting

Professors should incentivize voting in local elections

Maya H. October 21, 2020

The 2020 general election is nothing short of historic. In just one week, early voting turnout in Texas hit a record high in several counties. More than 4 million Texas residents have cast a ballot as...


Flu shots are more important than ever

Maya H. October 14, 2020

It only took a few weeks for an outbreak of COVID-19 to escalate into an unprecedented health crisis. Public health officials predict that this year’s flu season might follow a similar trend. Luckily,...


It’s long past time for Greek life reform

Maya H. October 7, 2020

With over 9,500 signatures, a petition calling for Texas Rho’s termination exposes the dangers of Greek life. The petition cites hazing, rape allegations and pandemic partying as reasons to dismantle...


Feeling tired lately? You may have Zoom fatigue.

Maya H. September 30, 2020

Despite offering over 75% of class seats online, UT has failed to inform students on the unhealthy effects of overusing Zoom, such as exhaustion, trouble concentrating and loneliness. As virtual learning...


How to prevent the next pandemic

Maya H. September 23, 2020

From an apocalyptic pandemic to a historic hurricane season, this year’s many misfortunes seem like an inescapable streak of bad luck. However, they could have been prevented. The devastating events...


Residence halls can’t keep up with COVID-19

Maya H. September 16, 2020

While colleges all over the nation provide free disinfecting wipes, refillable bottles of hand sanitizer and even antimicrobial pillows to their students, UT has done nothing to ensure that Longhorns living...


It’s not too late to close campus

Maya H. September 9, 2020

Freshman year represents freedom and fond memories for many college students. However, for UT’s class of 2024, freshman year will consist of online classes, social distancing and a staggering 75% chance...

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