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Elect Sri Preston Kulkarni for Texas’ 22nd congressional district

November 6, 2018

Texas is my home. I was born here, raised here and given more opportunities here than I would have ever had if my parents had stayed in their hometown of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Yet, I have often felt ignored...


Getting started on realistic change

February 26, 2018

We get it. Student Government is traditionally associated with solving inconsequential problems. That’s a reflection of the fact that many of the priorities administrations have taken on have focused...


Reflection spaces benefit all students

December 1, 2016

As part of the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims must bow their heads in prayer five times a day. Now that days are growing shorter, this means most of the prayers happen before 7:00 p.m. For Muslim students...


West Campus realty practices cost students extra

November 16, 2016

Early in the fall semester, panic rises surrounding the dilemma of housing. Students scramble to sign leases for the next school year before they have even attacked their first round of midterms. In order...


Costume can’t come at expense of others

October 26, 2016

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated with much fervor, especially among college students. At The University of Texas, one trend is to dress up in “sexy” or pop culture-inspired costumes....

Red River Rivalry 2013

OU weekend traditions promote sexism

October 12, 2016

Editor’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, our sources spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. For those that do not attend UT, the traditions surrounding Red River Rivalry Weekend...


The US must provide paid family leave for parents

September 27, 2016

There are two countries in the world that don’t guarantee paid family leave to new parents: The United States and Papua New Guinea. Among these two countries, one is considered one of the most highly...


Effects of 9/11 harmed Muslims the most

September 14, 2016

Those below the age of 20 are the first to have never experienced a world in which the words “nine-eleven” don’t bring about the feeling of grief and helplessness. However, amid a sea...


Gentrification worsens Austin’s diversity problem

September 1, 2016

Austin’s population growth can be felt in many different ways by its inhabitants. For professionals who work the traditional nine-to-five, this means bumper-to-bumper traffic for their rush hour...

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