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Mainstream media tends toward sensationalism, excessive coverage too often

Memo Hutson November 9, 2015

The World Health Organization released a report on Oct. 26 stating that certain processed meats are carcinogenic. Thereafter, mainstream media sources began their incessant coverage of the issue and distorted...


Sensitivity towards cultural appropriation has gone too far

Memo Hutson October 30, 2015

Editor's note: This is one viewpoint of a point-counterpoint series. To read the other side, click here. Social justice warriors championing cultural sensitivity are going to be closely examining...


SB 11 will have high costs in fines for opposing professors

Memo Hutson October 14, 2015

Teachers often have to deal with students frustrated about grades, and with the passing of SB 11, the possibility for violent action becomes much more likely. Furthermore, the healthy dialogue and scholastic...

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Synthetic marijuana endangers users, exploits legal loopholes

Memo Hutson September 30, 2015

Synthetic marijuana — also known as K2, klimax or spice — has been receiving heightened attention as a fatal alternative to marijuana for recreational drug users. Until overbearing drug laws...


Austin is losing what makes it weird

Memo Hutson September 22, 2015

Since arriving to Austin, I have witnessed the deaths of many prolific locations. Classic bars such as Opal Divine’s Freehouse and the Dog and Duck Pub have closed. Now, one the last bastions of...


Comedy and satire should not be limited by growth of political correctness

Memo Hutson September 11, 2015

Politically correct culture on college campuses is threatening the institution of comedy and satire. People are increasingly defining viewpoints that conflict with their own as bigoted or racist, setting...

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