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STEMilies at UT: Dr. Delozanne and O’Halloran

December 5, 2018

In a corner on the second floor of the Patterson building is a group of offices with an unusual label: the TOAD lab. The offices do have some toad decorations, but the namesake comes from the initials...

Alzheimers_courtesy of- James Beltran

Potential Alzheimer’s vaccine passes pre-clinical trials

November 30, 2018

Researchers at UT Southwestern have developed a potential vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease with successful trials on rabbits, monkeys and now mice. In a paper published ten days ago, neurology professor...


Lasers may boost memory, help treat anxiety

November 16, 2018

Seeing a therapist for anxiety may soon include seeing a laser as well. Eric Zaizar, graduate student in clinical psychology, and Michael Telch, psychology professor and principal investigator of the project,...

Shrink_Ray_Courtesy_of_Jason Shear

New shrink ray advances biological understanding without damaging cells

November 9, 2018

UT scientists are turning SUVs into small cars with a shrink ray, but at the cellular level. Researchers are studying cell behavior by shooting a high-intensity laser through cells without causing any...


‘Smoke and Mirrors’ exhibit clears air on smoking advertisements

November 1, 2018

The new Smoke and Mirrors exhibit in the Life Sciences Library hopes to clear the air on the public perception of tobacco use through a time line of tobacco from as early as 1492 to 2010. On loan from...


Healthier Texas Summit explores race

October 29, 2018

Mental and physical consequences of racial inequalities threaded through the topics on the second day of the Healthier Texas Summit, a public-health event. Karen DeSalvo, a professor in Dell Medical...


Professor explains why people enjoy ‘oldies’ music

October 25, 2018

Connections people have with “oldies” music today are far from old and gray. According to psychology professor James Pennebaker, people have always had an intimate connection with music,...


Electric shocks used to study fear, PTSD

October 19, 2018

Shocks and pictures of animals are being used to learn more about PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. Graduate student Gus Hennings and research assistant Mason McClay lead this research at the Dunsmoor...


US Army looking to invest in Austin tech scene

October 10, 2018

The Army Futures Command (AFC), a division of the U.S. Army, may have moved into Austin only two months ago, but the local tech scene has already seen some benefits from having a prominent, technology-based...


Mother-child Fitbit-like devices aim to alleviate postpartum depression

October 5, 2018

From counting steps to mending bonds, a new Fitbit-like wrist sensor for mother and child aims at alleviating postpartum depression. Psychology assistant professor Kaya de Barbaro is creating a mother-child...

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