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UT Center for Asian American Studies must better inform students of available mental health resources on campus

Neha Dronamraju December 3, 2019

In my culture, external family image takes precedence over everything, including freedom, happiness and mental health. We’re confined by the pressure to keep up appearances, and our mental illnesses...


UTPD needs to decrease drug arrests, increase referrals

Neha Dronamraju November 26, 2019

Drug use is common among students — in a survey, 19.9% of UT students reported using marijuana in the past 30 days.  A recent security and fire safety report published data showing an increase...


Schedule exams during class time for student well-being

Neha Dronamraju November 22, 2019

My day starts at 6 a.m and ends at 12 a.m. It is jam-packed with classes, office hours and other miscellaneous activities, and sometimes I have to block out extra time toward the end of it to take a midterm.  Last...


The Michener Center needs to cater to undergraduates who seek resources

Neha Dronamraju November 14, 2019

The Michener Center is UT’s Master of Fine Arts program, with just 12 writers selected from an applicant pool of approximately 1,000. For these standout writers, the Michener Center provides outstanding...


Health Professions Office must publicize guidance for students with disabilities

Neha Dronamraju November 6, 2019

Pre-meds are stereotypically high-strung, competitive and annoying — notoriously the type of people who won’t stick their foot out to trip you, but won’t help you up when you fall either....


Let’s get rid of group interviews

Neha Dronamraju October 22, 2019

You can’t put introverts into a box. Not all of us are anxious, awkward or timid. But we all share one common grievance — the group interview.  A large undergraduate population and...


UT MRI research must give participants radiologist review

Neha Dronamraju October 18, 2019

As a research assistant for a brain study, I had to get a test MRI. My scan went smoothly, but I still experienced some anxiety during the process. One of my panicked thoughts took me to the possibility...


Open doors to dancers’ success by opening more practice rooms

Neha Dronamraju October 9, 2019

If you’re looking to join a dance team at UT, you can choose from 46 options on HornsLink. If you’re looking for a dance room to practice in, you have approximately one tenth of that number...


Students deserve prompt information about apartment ownership changes

Neha Dronamraju October 8, 2019

Home is associated with safety, comfort and most importantly familiarity. Everyone deserves to feel secure in their residence — temporary or permanent. However, these positive associations are threatened...

Neha nicotine

UT can help curb nicotine addictions on campus

Neha Dronamraju September 24, 2019

When my best friend started coughing up blood a few days ago, the first thing I thought of was her Juul. Fortunately we discovered her symptoms were just the result of a prolonged chest infection, but...


Texas Athletics should not influence which major an athlete pursues

Neha Dronamraju September 17, 2019

What would you give up for an athletic scholarship? Would you change your major, compromise your career path or put your dreams on hold? Would you sacrifice your academic autonomy to stay on your team?   Some...


Consolidate immunization resources on one website

Neha Dronamraju September 4, 2019

Vaccines are an undeniable necessity in our epidemiologically vulnerable world. They are especially vital on college campuses as they foster community immunity in an environment particularly susceptible...


Pianos don’t belong in dorm study spaces

Neha Dronamraju May 10, 2019

Study spaces are sanctuaries — spaces to master a subject, discover a new field of knowledge and gather your thoughts.  These are hard to do when someone is playing the piano so loudly that...

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 4

UT honors programs should accept letters of recommendation by TAs

Neha Dronamraju May 1, 2019

Recommendation letters can make or break an application. A strong recommendation highlights your curiosity, dedication, enthusiasm and open-mindedness — all things a transcript doesn’t reflect. As...


Students with disabilities deserve a physical space on campus

Neha Dronamraju April 24, 2019

In order to fully foster community, a group needs to have a space to gather. A recent paper published in the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research explores the association between public spaces...


UGS classes need to include important life skills

Neha Dronamraju April 23, 2019

Can you pay attention in class if you haven’t eaten in two days? Most people can’t. Students often neglect physical well-being when working toward academic success. In my case, regular eating...


Student orgs must better accommodate new students

Neha Dronamraju April 12, 2019

Narrow acceptance rates don’t end at the college admissions process. They follow you.  I came to UT with so much enthusiasm. Before I stepped on campus, I detailed two four-year plans —...


Some students need priority for lectures

Neha Dronamraju April 5, 2019

The University Lecture Series invites diverse, distinguished members of the UT community to speak a few times each semester. These lecture topics range anywhere from preventing drug overdose deaths to...


UT should expand spiritual spaces to every building on campus

Neha Dronamraju March 27, 2019

Let’s take a walk down the Drag to campus. Among the shops and eateries, you will see at least two churches and maybe a mosque if you venture toward 21st and Nueces Streets. These places of worship...


UHD can better serve students by offering more meal plan options

Neha Dronamraju March 13, 2019

I bought UT’s resident meal plan, which offers 1800 Dine In Dollars and 200 Bevo Bucks, over the summer. After the purchase, I began preparing for the busy school year. Once it started, I didn’t...


All freshman should be placed into FIGS

Neha Dronamraju March 11, 2019

“All CNS first-year students (at UT) are placed into some type of small learning community,” the College of Natural Sciences, or CNS, website says. “If you are placed into a FIG, you...

0227_AlexandraVanderhider_admissions_color copy

We need resources for prospective DACA students

Neha Dronamraju March 6, 2019

Applying to college is stressful. In the midst of tests, papers, jobs and coming to terms with the beginning of adulthood, students have to plan their futures — a daunting task for any young adult.  Imagine...


Incoming students need a comprehensive sex education course

Neha Dronamraju February 22, 2019

Last summer, I spent an agonizing 15 days, 8 hours and 17 minutes completing a general chemistry preparatory course called Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, or ALEKS. I went into ALEKS thinking...

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Let’s encourage interdisciplinary study

Neha Dronamraju February 15, 2019

According to a 2014 New York Times article, interdisciplinary study is a competitive necessity in the workplace. Creativity is gradually replacing critical thinking as the essential marketable skill, and...

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