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Lost Maples

Lost Maples State Park offers a Hill Country escape

Olivia Arena May 2, 2013

Red and orange leaves set the normal vegetation ablaze. The vibrant hues of the maples cannot be seen anywhere in the southern United States but here. These “lost maples” attract nature enthusiasts...

Blanton’s Fifty Fest celebrates fifty years

Olivia Arena April 25, 2013

Fifty Fest is more than a few students on a lawn. The 12-hour festival of art, food trucks and interactive activities for students celebrates Blanton Museum of Art’s 50 years of fostering a...


UT Students write and direct New Theater productions

Olivia Arena April 18, 2013

The visions of four graduate playwrights are about to come to life. The University of Texas New Theater Project has premiered 14 new plays collaborated on by playwrights, directors, designers and aspiring...


Taal fuses South Asian and mainstream culture

Olivia Arena April 5, 2013

Literally translated to “triumph,” “jai ho” perfectly represents the South Asian entrance into Western media. The current surge of pop culture Bollywood entertainment has thousands...

1972 - Lulu_SylviaPlachy

Sylvia Plachy is Icon Number 17

Olivia Arena April 4, 2013

Sylvia Plachy never intended to become a photographer. Although she attended the Pratt Institute School of Art & Design, Plachy never considered photography as a viable media. At the time, no one really...


‘Good Girl/Bad Girl’ explores perceptions of women

Olivia Arena March 28, 2013

What makes a bad girl, bad? Is it raunchy shorts, or an inability to conform to the status quo?  Kaitlyn Aylward, a Masters of Fine Arts candidate in costume design at UT, spent nearly 10 months...

“Getting Back to Abnormal” discusses race, politics, and the Saints in a post-Katrina New Orleans

Olivia Arena March 16, 2013

Stacy Head is a white woman in a majority black New Orleans City Council district, which makes her a bit of a rarity in New Orleans politics. In a city still trying to rebuild after the devastation of...


The Blanton’s 50th anniversary exhibit displays art from UT collectors around the world

Olivia Arena February 26, 2013

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Blanton Museum of Art, director Simone J. Wicha and art curator Annette DiMeo Carlozzi scoured University of Texas alumni collections for rare and impressive artworks...


Project 2013 inspires close to two thousand volunteers to help revive the Dove Springs community

Olivia Arena February 20, 2013

With approximately 1700 UT students, 170 Team Leads and two shifts of volunteers headed into the Dove Springs community, Project 2013 is a community effort by UT to help revitalize disadvantaged areas...


‘Masterclass’ reveals a new side to the revolutionary photographer

Olivia Arena February 14, 2013

“Pictures of People” was the phrase used by Arnold Newman to describe his revolutionary style of portraiture. With subjects ranging from President John F. Kennedy to Georgia O’Keeffe,...


It’s Wings and Beer: how Pluckers prepares for the Super Bowl

Olivia Arena February 4, 2013

On any other day Pluckers is buzzing, but on Sunday, the doors opened and hoards of fans swarmed through the entrance. Every year before the Super Bowl begins the team says a few words in an attempt to...


The Shambhala Center of Austin hosts a variety of classes

Olivia Arena January 28, 2013

The Shambhala lesson of the day is love. The instruction begins, and rather than dive into a lecture on Buddhism and the nature of love, each group member recalls a particular moment of kindness in his...


How to keep your dwindling New Year’s Resolutions

Olivia Arena January 16, 2013

Only two weeks into January, it is likely that many resolutions have already been broken. The beginning of the semester marks a new start for college students, and psychology professor Art Markman, the...


Caribbean Ensemble plays World Music Night

Olivia Arena December 4, 2012

Robin Moore has devoted his life to Caribbean music. Moore created the UT Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble to share his love of the culture with students from across the university. “It’s always...


Austin Meyers speaks of his success in visual effects after winning Emmy

Olivia Arena November 19, 2012

Austin Meyers, a UT radio-television-film graduate, manipulates faces, redesigns streets and changes landscapes as a compositor for the hit HBO show “Boardwalk Empire.” Using computer-generated...

Son makes film to dive into his father, William Colby’s, life as CIA director

Olivia Arena November 12, 2012

Carl Colby grew up as the son of a spy, not necessarily a father. Shrouded in mystery, William Colby spent nearly 30 years serving the United States as both CIA director and Spymaster. In Colby’s...


Classical Reinvention changes the way audiences listen to classical music with Paint.Play.Plié

Olivia Arena November 7, 2012

Artists, dancers and musicians will be surrounded by audience members who have the rare opportunity to observe art from an unconventional perspective. Classical Reinvention’s “Paint.Play.Plié.”...


UT history professor H.W. Brands presents his biography of Grant at the Texas Book Festival

Olivia Arena October 25, 2012

H.W. Brands focuses on the complexities of the denounced Union leader Ulysses S. Grant in his biography “The Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses Grant in War and Peace.” Brands is currently writing...


UT artists portray the violence along the US-Mexico border

Olivia Arena October 22, 2012

Capturing the violence and destruction of the drug war on the US-Mexico border, “A Nation of Fear” seeks to inspire thought. Coordinated by UT student art group Center Space Project, the exhibit...


Struggles for Culture

Olivia Arena October 17, 2012

“La Madrugada” blares in the background, a symphony of trumpets and guitarróns, as the dancers take their places in front of the mirror. Hands on their hips, white shoes poised to stomp,...


Eli Young Band’s ascent to Nashville fame

Olivia Arena October 16, 2012

Eli Young Band’s Texas country sound and heartfelt lyrics have brought the band a long way from their garage jamming sessions at the University of North Texas.  From humble beginnings, EYB...


An artistic twist to Terezín “Creativity in the Face of Death” unconventionally explores history of concentration camp Terezín

Olivia Arena October 8, 2012

Revealing evocative performances from and inspired by the Nazi concentration camp Terezín, “Creativity in the Face of Death: The Contemporary Resonance of Terezín” is a three-day...


TRACE focuses on promoting locally sourced foods through an evolving menu

Olivia Arena September 27, 2012

Southern comfort food is not usually associated with sleek hotels or sustainable farming, but TRACE brings an environmental and social awareness to its soulful menu. Committed to the use of sustainable...


Afrobeat Meditation empowers, educates through movement

Olivia Arena September 19, 2012

Across from East End Barber Shop and next door to several abandoned buildings in East Austin, the Orun Center of the Cultural Arts looks to be little more than a run-down, graffitied shack. But this multicultural...

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