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The race to STEM careers fraught with discrimination

Paepin Goff February 26, 2015

Imagine investing $100 into a bank account that grows with interest over time. If the account had the same growth rate as the number of black people in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)...


Science Scene: When “Just Say No” just doesn’t work

Paepin Goff January 29, 2015

Don’t read the next sentence. If you’re reading this sentence, the “just say no” campaign coined by the D.A.R.E. program may not have worked for you. D.A.R.E., the international...

Science Scene: UT students conserve water in response to changing climate

Paepin Goff December 4, 2014

For anyone in Austin who encounters restaurant servers who don’t bring out complimentary glasses of iced water, it’s not because they’re oblivious — it’s probably in the spirit...


Science Scene: Global climate change is evidenced by cold weather

Paepin Goff November 13, 2014

As cold weather descends on Austin, UT students break out UGG boots, The North Face jackets and trendy scarves. Along with near-freezing temperatures, the arctic cold front may bring out skepticism regarding...


Science Scene: Why are we afraid of the dark?

Paepin Goff October 30, 2014

This Halloween, many UT students will venture into Austin after dark, dressed in costume garb, unafraid. However, the night wasn’t always so welcoming to human beings, and people weren’t always...

Science Scene: How isotopes can help determine a beer’s origin

Paepin Goff October 16, 2014

Austin is a city where smart is sexy, science is cool, and beer is trendy. Present at any South By Southwest event or concert at Stubb’s are hordes of young professionals consuming a considerable...


European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft chases comet

Paepin Goff January 23, 2014

After a 10-year journey and 31 months of deep-space hibernation, Rosetta — the European Space Agency’s comet-chasing spacecraft — awoke to begin the final stage of its path toward comet...


Science Scene: Gifts come with obligation

Robert Starr and Paepin Goff December 5, 2013

In a 1971 study, experimenters asked a subject to rate paintings alongside a confederate who pretended to be part of the study. During a break, the confederate would leave and come back with two sodas,...


ISON comet could be visible on journey to the sun

Paepin Goff November 14, 2013

At this moment, the comet ISON is barreling through the solar system on its path toward a close encounter with the sun. In the amount of time it takes to read this sentence, the comet will have traveled...


Artificial leaf technology is sustainable but not yet affordable

Paepin Goff November 7, 2013

A future where humanity would be able to harness the power of renewable resources, such as water and sunlight, to produce energy for the world may seem to be too good to be true. But that is the future...


Is solar energy really all that “green?”

Paepin Goff October 24, 2013

Public support for sustainability is fueling the rise of solar energy in both residential and industrial spheres. In an effort to reduce the amount of pollution emitted from oil and gas technologies, people...

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