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Easy ways to stay fit this summer

Rene Castro May 1, 2013

Summer is traditionally known as bikini season. By this time of year, people who were serious about their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or be healthier have turned those aspirations into...


Club teaches lock-picking for recreation, to advocate security

Rene Castro October 3, 2012

“There are bike locks you can open with a cheap Bic pen,” Reid McKenzie, Longhorn Lockpicking Club officer, said just before breaking out of a pair of regulation Smith & Wesson handcuffs...


Safety brings concern for newly designed app

Rene Castro September 26, 2012

A UT alumnus has created an app that intends to take the stress out of finding a ride around the ever-growing Austin area. Still in its beta phase, Heyride! allows people signed up as riders to mark their...

Failure of UT officials to evacuate sufficiently should result in a reevaluation of current procedures

Rene Castro September 20, 2012

Last Friday, about 70,0000 people poured into the streets of Austin warily looking at their cell phones. These students were reading instructions sent to them by the UT-Austin officials whose job it is...


Tango club helps students step up their game

Rene Castro September 11, 2012

Skirts are swaying and hips are moving as the UT Argentine Tango Club kicks off its classes for the fall semester. Held Monday evenings, the club gives students the opportunity to learn and practice this...


Diamond in the rough in UT’s theater program

Rene Castro September 4, 2012

In the midst of the glamorous and high-budget theater that happens at this university, there is a diamond tucked away behind the Winship Drama Building. The Lab Theatre is a space for student-funded, created...

New freshman: Just say no

Rene Castro July 16, 2012

For incoming freshmen college means freedom, and summer orientation offers the first taste. It’s an exciting time. But, it’s also daunting, and many incoming students are misled. When the first...

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