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Joseph Kopser is the best candidate for students in TX-21

Rohan Batlanki April 24, 2018

Students at UT are understandably tired of the words “runoff election.” But there is one more runoff vote whose outcome will dictate our federal representation. Joseph Kopser and Mary Street...


As new marijuana policy is introduced, the focus should shift to addressing current offenders

Rohan Batlanki February 26, 2018

Historically, Texas has been a national leader in arrests for marijuana possession, earning second in 2010 with over 74,000 arrests. And now, as the political opinion toward cannabis becomes more lenient,...


We need to talk about shooters

Rohan Batlanki February 9, 2018

Although 2018 has hardly begun, America has yet again been plagued by more than 5,000 incidents of gun violence.  Last year featured criticisms that news outlets are biased in describing perpetrators....


Five Years Since Sandy Hook Marks Five Years of Congressional Inaction

Rohan Batlanki December 13, 2017

Tomorrow marks five years of mourning the loss of 27 lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It was one of the deadliest, and by far the most disturbing, school shootings in American history,...


Outlaw catcalling

Rohan Batlanki October 25, 2017

Catcalling leaves victims feeling scared, disgusted and insecure. The prevalence of catcalling is significant, and people like fellow The Daily Texan columnist Emily Vernon demand repercussions to mitigate...


Austin is a strong candidate for a local UEMR system

Rohan Batlanki October 19, 2017

As new focus turns toward Dell Medical School and its associated hospital network, Austin has become a burgeoning biotech hotspot. As part of this boom, many startups have dedicated themselves to bringing...


UHS epidemiological information could prevent illness from spreading on campus

Rohan Batlanki October 5, 2017

It’s flu season, that time of year where everyone in your exam room seems to be sniffling or coughing. And while the University Health Services do the best they can in working to prevent the spread...

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The media’s role in colorism is black and white

Rohan Batlanki September 21, 2017

I distinctly remember seeing the swollen, bleach-burned face of my cousin as she desperately attempted to conform to the European beauty standards now internalized by family and most of India. My sudden...


All-nighters aren’t as valuable as students seem to believe

Rohan Batlanki September 14, 2017

#TeamNoSleep, burning the midnight oil, all nighters: Regardless of what you call this unnatural behavior, it has become accepted as the norm, even a sort of rite of passage, as many UT students think...


The science of being a student

Rohan Batlanki September 4, 2017

As students add to the ever-growing UT family, they remain unaware of many of the biggest roadblocks to their academic careers. College is the promised land! The best four years of your life! However,...


Hospitals should offer more hands on educational opportunities to pre-med students

Rohan Batlanki July 28, 2017

Every pre-med student knows the big five: MCAT, GPA, Volunteering, Shadowing, Research. To support some of their most ambitious and driven students, universities do a tremendous job offering MCAT classes,...


If the FDA refuses to regulate supplement production, at least regulate their marketing

Rohan Batlanki July 20, 2017

Flintstone gummies have been a staple of every childhood. The candy that is supposedly good for you is a small nostalgic highlight. But the attitude towards supplements they develop far deviates from the...


Dear black people, thank you, sincerely brown people

Rohan Batlanki July 14, 2017

“New brown America wouldn’t be possible without black America. The struggle that black America had to endure, we should take an incredible amount of inspiration and we should be indebted to...


To understand mental health, start teaching at an earlier age

Rohan Batlanki July 6, 2017

A patient manifests symptoms of loss of appetite, dramatic weight loss, body pains, and intense lethargy. Is it a severe infection? Is it cancer? Is it depression? Is there a difference? Medically,...


Red, brown, and blue: Social enclaves in America’s college campuses

Rohan Batlanki June 30, 2017

Picture the opening of any ’80s highschool drama. Recall how the camera pans across all the cliques -- the jocks, the cheerleaders, the goths, the skaters. Don’t just read the words. Seriously....


Enemy Combatants are Afforded More Rights Than American Citizens

Rohan Batlanki June 22, 2017

  Following the acquittal of Officer Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop over a broken tail light, I ask, why do...


Texas textbooks dangerously misrepresent causes of Civil War

Rohan Batlanki June 19, 2017

Today’s media deals in alternative facts! SAD! However, the media is not the only culprit; alternate facts also stem from an overlooked— yet equally dangerous— source: children’s...

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