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9 sites to shop at for digital Black Friday

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 25, 2020

This year, Black Friday is looking a bit more like its partner in crime, Cyber Monday. With new COVID-19 cases in Texas reaching record-breaking levels, it’s time to shift the annual shopping tradition...


UT Outpost plans to offer double portions starting in December

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 24, 2020

As students prepare for the winter closure of on-campus resources, UT Outpost, the school’s food pantry, will offer double portions to students experiencing food insecurity. UT Outpost coordinator...

Stardust review courtesy of Salon PicturesWEB

Austin Film Festival: ‘Stardust’ peers into David Bowie’s inner psyche

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 2, 2020

Who really is David Bowie? “Stardust,” the latest biopic on the English entertainer, poses the question as the musician travels the road to stardom and defines himself as an artist. Streaming...

Farewell Amor review courtesy of Ekwa Msangi

Austin Film Festival: ‘Farewell Amor’ explores the intimacy of an immigrant family’s reunion

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 27, 2020

“Farewell Amor,” a vulnerable film by Ekwa Msangi featured in the Austin Film Festival, sheds light on the hardships that accompany long-awaited hellos between a father, mother and daughter. After...


Students discuss managing severe period pain with online classes

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 27, 2020

Emma Lea Wall’s period pain makes her legs go numb. During her first year at UT, Wall stayed in her dorm, missing classes and career events because of the pain. When she described her pain to...

Bad Hair courtesy of Huluweb

Hulu’s ‘Bad Hair’ talks societal standards for Black women’s hair

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 26, 2020

Getting tangled up in someone else's hair proves to have deadly repercussions in Justin Simien’s “Bad Hair.” The Hulu original film follows Anna Bludso (Elle Lorraine), an executive...

murderburywin courtesy of headturnerfilmsWEB

Austin Film Festival: ‘Murder Bury Win’ offers bros, blood, board games

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 26, 2020

In the world of board game movies, “Murder Bury Win” makes “Jumanji” look like child’s play. The perils of escaping a jungle and the animals within it are nothing compared...


Movies, TV, videos celebrating Latinx Heritage Month that are worth watching year-round

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 14, 2020

The end of Latinx Heritage Month shouldn’t stop audiences from watching Latinx stories.  When Oct. 15 rolls around and the world reverts to its regularly scheduled programming, it’s...

Maddy hatchett_courtesy of Emma McCutchen_

Musician Maddy Hatchett follows in her grandfather’s footsteps, releases single

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 9, 2020

Dreamy ‘70s music makes a comeback Oct. 9 with a UT student’s new single, “Out of My Head.” The song, filled with fuzzy guitars and lyrics expressing modern-day problems, will be...

Drawn and quartered_Courtesy of Dylan Chase

Fantastic Fest 2020: The best of ‘Drawn and Quartered’

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 1, 2020

Fantastic Fest brought back its “Drawn and Quartered” animation showcase on Monday after a six-year hiatus, and it was worth the wait. The event featured 10 animated shorts from around the...

How to Deter a Robber_Courtesy of Ratajack Productions

Fantastic Fest 2020: ‘How to Deter a Robber’ deserves to be a holiday classic

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 1, 2020

“How to Deter a Robber” brings a darker twist to a classic Christmas holiday nightmare.  Writer-director Maria Bissell’s first-ever feature film, which premiered at Fantastic...


UT-Austin students take to social media to shame off-campus partiers

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 25, 2020

While walking her dog, Pompeii, through West Campus, government senior Rachel Wolleben said she heard what sounded like a party on 26th Street.  “Just the kind of sheer audacity of the number...

Away season one Netflix WEB

‘Away’ season one aims for the stars, falls flat

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 7, 2020

Houston, we have a problem.  Season one of “Away,” Netflix’s latest original series on space, brings drama, emotion and Hilary Swank to the final frontier. Created by Andrew Hinderaker,...


Online UT tours mean no parents, more accessibility for high school seniors

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 2, 2020

High school seniors looking to join the class of 2025 are touring the Forty Acres without setting foot on Speedway or pausing to look up at the UT Tower. Instead, they’ll make their college decisions...


‘Rising Phoenix’ documentary covers history of Paralympics but stereotypes disabled athletes

Sabrina LeBoeuf August 27, 2020

The Netflix original documentary “Rising Phoenix” makes a superhero narrative out of Paralympians. Intimate backstories and artistic shots highlight the competitors as superhumans in their...


Don Japanese Kitchen supplies community with essential items

Sabrina LeBoeuf April 22, 2020

Behind the University Co-Op is a food truck handing out more than just boxes of french fries paired with spicy mayo.  Don Japanese Kitchen is taking orders for care packages containing some of...


Campus Events + Entertainment celebrates first Posada

Sabrina LeBoeuf December 4, 2019

UT Campus Events + Entertainment spent Tuesday evening celebrating its first posada, a Latin American tradition that reenacts Mary and Joseph’s journey before Jesus was born. Nayeli Sanchez, Mexican...


Mozart’s Christmas Light Show has issues with parking, transportation

Sabrina LeBoeuf December 3, 2019

Across the street from Mozart’s annual Christmas Light Show, prospective patrons sit in their cars and face the glaring red brake lights of the cars lined up in front of them. Portions of the...


UT Senate town hall to discuss admissions process

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 19, 2019

UT Senate’s academic policy committee hosted the Fair Admissions Policies Town Hall on Nov. 18 to hear student concerns about the University’s admissions process. Isaac James, co-chair for...

ford v

Racing biopic ‘Ford v Ferrari’ brings strong performances from A-list actors

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 18, 2019

Director James Mangold takes audiences to the race track with unprecedented finesse in his film “Ford v Ferrari.”  It’s not dark or gritty like other racing biopics. Rather, “Ford...


Academics Week asks students to voice concerns

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 12, 2019

UT Senate of College Councils committees are tabling and hosting an open house event called Academics Week this week to promote higher education engagement on campus. “It’s all about seeing...

LASTXMAS_last christmas review_courtesy of universal studios

‘Last Christmas’ doesn’t have George Michael rolling in his grave

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 11, 2019

Buckle up, “Last Christmas” viewers. This one is so bad, it’s good. This romantic comedy is directed by Paul Feig and co-written by the great Emma Thompson. The story follows Kate...

Midway review_courtesy of AGC Studios

‘Midway’: US wins, Hollywood loses

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 8, 2019

Anyone interested in seeing Roland Emmerich’s “Midway” is probably better off learning about the fateful World War II battle from a textbook.  “Midway” is based on...

NO_LANGUAGE_2019-11-07_no language_Blaine

Engineering students lack built-in cultural experience

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 7, 2019

Engineering students do not have a cultural experience built into their college career. Whether it’s the lack of a foreign language requirement or the barrier of entry for study abroad, mechanical...

Steele_AK Karen Uhlenbeck-36

UT professor emerita becomes second woman awarded math Lifetime Achievement prize

Sabrina LeBoeuf November 1, 2019

A UT professor emerita became the second woman ever awarded the Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement by the American Mathematical Society last week. Karen Uhlenbeck, who taught at UT for 27...


Future Texas Performing Arts directors makes surprise visit with students

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 29, 2019

The future executive director of Texas Performing Arts made a guest appearance at Bass Concert Hall Monday to speak with students from Hook ‘em Arts, a performing arts student group, at their Halloween...

Dolemite is my name review_courtesy of Netflix

Eddie Murphy returns with ‘Dolemite Is My Name’

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 29, 2019

Iconic actor Eddie Murphy stars as Rudy Ray Moore in his vulgar, yet entertaining, return to the Hollywood spotlight in the Netflix biographical drama “Dolemite Is My Name.” This crass,...


College students represent largest group of uninsured Americans

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 24, 2019

College students, tasked with weighing the costs of clinic visits and class absences in the midst of flu season, are the highest demographic of uninsured Americans with roughly 1.7 million students, according...


Students, professors utilize foreign media to learn languages

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 23, 2019

"Celia,” a popular telenovela about the esteemed salsa singer Celia Cruz, charmed audiences beyond Latin America. The telenovela made its way to biology junior Hallie Brown’s Spanish class. Brown...


Tattoo debates: Blood is thicker than ink

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 16, 2019

Textiles and apparel junior Emma Burke has one tattoo her parents do not know about. They know about her other pieces: the script on her wrists, the heart and anarchy symbol on her leg, the text on...


African American Male Research Initiative renamed to honor first black UT student

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 14, 2019

UT’s African American Male Research Initiative recently renamed itself the Heman Sweatt Center for Black Males to honor the first black student admitted to the University’s School of Law.  Center...


Services for Students with Disabilities planning to expand disability graduation for spring 2020

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 8, 2019

Services for Students with Disabilities is planning a spring 2020 graduation celebration for disabled students. The program’s assistant director Emily Shryock said the ceremony is still...

Austin local Bottlecap Mountain talks album release, vintage genre

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 7, 2019

Local ‘power-pop-rock’ band Bottlecap Mountain released their fourth album Dismayland on Oct. 5, even though the album was made available on some platforms a few weeks earlier. “When...


Beat the heat, check out indoor concerts throughout ACL

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 4, 2019

The calendar may say fall, but the thermometer definitely does not. With Austin City Limits Music Festival taking  place over the next two weekends at Zilker Park, The Daily Texan has compiled a list...


Services for Students with Disabilities hosts Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

Sabrina LeBoeuf October 2, 2019

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is hosting Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month with events throughout October to further the conversation surrounding disabilities, SSD assistant director...


SouthPop packs up for move north

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 30, 2019

Behind a stack of boxes, Leea Mechling packs away music posters and flyers. Before putting the black portfolios away, she flips through the pages and reminisces. As the South Austin Museum of Popular...


UT Statistician wins 2018 Mitchell Prize

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 24, 2019

A UT assistant professor of statistics and data sciences and his team were awarded the 2018 Mitchell Prize by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis in August. The society recognized Abhra...

Adjunct Faculty Sharen Bradford - The Dancing Image

Jacks of many trades: Faculty balance teaching, working

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 20, 2019

Erica Gionfriddo‘s work day doesn’t end when class is dismissed. After spending the day on campus fulfilling her responsibilities as a dance lecturer, she changes hats. As the executive...


UT chosen for AAU Ph.D. Education Initiative

Sabrina LeBoeuf September 20, 2019

UT will take part in a pilot program to improve the doctoral student experience, starting with reforms in four different departments.  The Association of American Universities selected eight universities,...

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