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We’ve rounded up 5 of the most anticipated SXSW films directed by women

Savannah J Salazar March 8, 2019

This year’s South by Southwest shows an impressive amount of female directed films, from narrative to documentary. Women and Hollywood reports that 60 percent of films set to premiere at SXSW are...

CPT_MARVEL_captain marvel_courtesy of Marvel Studios

‘Captain Marvel’ soars past expectations

Savannah J Salazar March 7, 2019

“Captain Marvel” had a big weight on its shoulders. It’s the first Marvel film in the 11-year-old comic film series’ to feature a superheroine lead. But no worries — this...


The Academy Awards has lack of female directors representation

Savannah J Salazar February 14, 2019

This year’s Academy Awards nominees included no females in the Best Director category. It’s nothing new. Since the first Academy Awards in 1929, only five women have been nominated for Best...

Miss Bala Q&A_courtesy of Columbia Pictures

UT alumna Catherine Hardwicke talks ‘Miss Bala,’ representation in media

Savannah J Salazar February 7, 2019

While Hollywood has recently been calling for female representation in the industry, director Catherine Hardwicke has rooted for change for years. Since 2003, Hardwicke has written and directed major...

pamela ribon q&a courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

UT alumna Pamela Ribon talks about writing on ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Savannah J Salazar December 7, 2018

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is Disney’s latest hit following the lovable duo Ralph and Vanellope as they venture from Litwak’s arcade to the internet. While Ralph is the titular...

pamela ribon q&a courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

UT alumna,‘Ralph Break the Internet’ screenwriter Pamela Ribon talks writing, new era of princess

Savannah J Salazar December 6, 2018

"Ralph Breaks the Internet” is the sequel to the 2012 hit “Wreck-It Ralph.” The latest installment follows the lovable duo Ralph and Vanellope as they venture from Litwak’s...

wreck it ralph 2 review Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is vibrant, high-energy ride across cyberspace

Savannah J Salazar November 15, 2018

The creators of “Wreck-It Ralph” were ambitious with their move from the small atmosphere of Litwak’s arcade to the vast world of the internet, but it paid off. “Wreck-It Ralph”...

‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms’ is dazzling, decadent Christmas treat

Savannah J Salazar November 5, 2018

Disney’s latest live action film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” puts a spin on a beloved Christmas classic, bringing it from the stage to the screen. “The Nutcracker and...

La_vida_de_los_muertos2018-10-29_The_Hideout_Theatre_ Samantha

Local comedy show celebrates ‘Día de los Muertos’ through improv

Savannah J Salazar November 2, 2018

Día de los Muertos is a time for celebrating loved ones through food, altars, music and now improv.  Hosted at Austin’s Hideout Theatre, the fully-improvised show “La Vida...


‘Hunter Killer’ actor Zane Holtz stops by UT ROTC training

Savannah J Salazar October 30, 2018

Recently, actor and Austinite Zane Holtz led his team toward enemy lines, meticulously crawling through the trees and mud on the fields of Camp Mabry. But it’s not a movie he’s in — it’s...

LADYWORLD Q&A_ Courtesy of Noel David Taylor

Q&A: Director Amanda Kramer talks ‘Ladyworld’ and the female psyche

Savannah J Salazar October 9, 2018

Amanda Kramer’s debut feature film “Ladyworld” explores female hysteria and friendships in a refreshing and unsettling way. During a birthday party, eight girls are barricaded inside...

fantastic fest_ courtesy CGV Arthouse

Five of the best, weirdest, under-the-radar films from Fantastic Fest

Savannah J Salazar October 2, 2018

Hosted at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, this year’s Fantastic Fest had such an amazing movie lineup that it was hard to narrow down. So, in no particular order, here are some of our favorites. The...

suspiria_courtesy of Amazon Studios

Fantastic Fest Review: ‘Suspiria’ is beautifully terrifying piece of work

Savannah J Salazar September 28, 2018

Director Luca Guadagnino casts a spell with the latest “Suspiria” film that is equal parts horrifying and entrancing. Guadagnino’s take on the tale of dancing witches isn’t so...

Jonah Hill discusses his writing, casting processes for ‘Mid90s’

Savannah J Salazar September 26, 2018

Premiering at Fantastic Fest, “Mid90s” is a warm and emotional story about the pains of growing up. A coming-of-age story set in the ‘90s, Jonah Hill’s directorial debut stars Sunny...

halloween 2018 - courtesy of universal studios

Fantastic Fest Review: ‘Halloween’ is scary good blend of nostalgia, freshness

Savannah J Salazar September 24, 2018

 After a wearisome number of sequels, writers Danny McBride, Jeff Fradley and David Gordon Green decide to take a stab at a new “Halloween.”  In an attempt to create a fresh, yet...

Insatiable_ courtesy of NETFLIx

‘Insatiable’ fat narrative receives backlash

Savannah J Salazar September 19, 2018

When the “Insatiable” trailer premiered in August, it sparked a large social media backlash toward the show’s display of a fat-shaming narrative. Within weeks, an online petition to cancel...

The Predator_ courtesy of 20th Century Fox

‘The Predator’ knows how to have fun amidst absolute chaos

Savannah J Salazar September 17, 2018

If you get at least one thing from “The Predator,” it’s definitely a good laugh. Written and directed by Shane Black, who played Hawkins in the original 1987 “Predator,”...

sierra burgess is a loser_courtesy of netflix

Netflix’s latest rom-com is not much of a winner

Savannah J Salazar September 13, 2018

Netflix has had its hits and misses with rom-coms, and with Noah Centineo and Shannon Purser onboard, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” had a lot of online hype. Despite the excited anticipation,...


Beat the heat with four signature Austin swimming spots

Savannah J Salazar August 8, 2018

Texas summers are known to be incredibly hot, so when it comes to summer fun, swimming is one of the best ways to stay cool. But with so many places to swim, picking a place may seem overwhelming, or maybe...


‘Christopher Robin’ is a delight for the kid in all of us

Savannah J Salazar August 3, 2018

From the very start, “Christopher Robin,” sets itself apart from past stories of Winnie the Pooh and his pals by taking a more subdued, “Hook-like” approach to remind jaded adults...


Contrast Film Festival highlights Austin’s queer creative scene

Savannah J Salazar July 26, 2018

Focused on pushing genre-defying art and queer- and female-led filmmaking, the first-ever Contrast Film Festival premiered in Austin this past weekend. Founded by Homo Arigato film series organizers...


The dark, light sides of internet fan culture

Savannah J Salazar July 20, 2018

There’s been a disturbance in a fandom in a galaxy not so far, far away. For more than 40 years and counting, “Star Wars” has been a huge part of pop culture. Last December, “The...


VR Cine Chicas Cohort premieres its first documentary using virtual reality

Savannah J Salazar July 17, 2018

When you think of summer camp, you may envision playing games, doing arts and crafts or going for a swim, but one group has been doing something a bit more virtual. Earlier this summer, a group of four...

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