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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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President Obama honors Jackson School GeoFORCE program

Sherry Tucci March 31, 2015

President Obama awarded the Jackson School of Geosciences’ GeoFORCE Texas program Friday with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, one of the highest...


Backside backlash: New lumbar curvature study prompts criticism over social media

Sherry Tucci March 26, 2015

A recent study by University researchers concluded that men tend to prefer women with specific lumbar curvatures — and its promotion prompted criticism on social media. The study explored the...


Research suggests hand-writing notes improve retention

Sherry Tucci March 11, 2015

Although use of computers for note-taking purposes at the University is up to each professor’s discretion, research shows that students who take handwritten notes typically perform better than those...


UT graduate college of education ranks top 10 in nation for 2016

Sherry Tucci March 10, 2015

The College of Education is ranked among the top 10 graduate schools of education in the nation for 2016 because of its increased focus on research, according to a University official. U.S. News and...


Dean invites University to join Chinese summer exchange program

Sherry Tucci March 4, 2015

The University has been invited to take part in a new summer exchange program with Peking University in Beijing. Ray Han, professor and assistant dean of engineering at PKU, visited UT for the first...


Senate of College Councils changes nomination process with two new bills

Sherry Tucci March 3, 2015

The Senate of College Councils passed two bills in February that altered its nomination processes before the 2015 elections, which will take place March 12. The Senate created and passed SB 1408 on...

Report finds Austin most economic segregation for major metropolitan area

Sherry Tucci February 25, 2015

A report The Martin Prosperity Institute, a Toronto-based economic think tank, issued Monday said Austin has the most economic segregation for a major metropolitan area in the U.S. According to the...


UT3D program offers RTF students experience in 3-D filmmaking

Sherry Tucci February 24, 2015

The Moody College of Communication is at the forefront of 3-D filmmaking because of the UT3D program, one of the only collegiate 3-D filming programs in the United States. Although 3-D filming is associated...


UT Energy Week panelists say nuclear energy will power the future

Sherry Tucci February 18, 2015

Nuclear energy could be the solution to providing the world with both clean and reliable power, according Kirk Sorensen, founder of Flibe Energy, during The Future for Nuclear panel discussion at UT Energy...


UT psychologist’s research suggests K-12 teachers leave jobs due to stress

Sherry Tucci February 17, 2015

K-12 teachers across the country are leaving their jobs because of high amounts of stress, according to UT educational psychologist Christopher McCarthy, whose research is being used to develop new stress...


Lecturer discusses role of poetry and music in wartime

Sherry Tucci February 11, 2015

War stories and songs from ancient times to present day are useful for understanding what happens to people living under dire circumstances, according to classics professor Tom Palaima, who gave a talk...

2015-02-10_Diagnosing_ Diseases_Stephanie

Student researcher makes strides in detecting diseases

Sherry Tucci February 10, 2015

One UT undergraduate’s research could lead to a cheaper, quicker way to detect diseases, such as leukemia and multiple sclerosis, especially in developing countries.  “The reason that...

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2

UT students develop app featuring pizza, Christian rap duo

Sherry Tucci February 4, 2015

Even the best class assignments don’t usually go viral — but that’s exactly what happened to management information systems senior James Rauhut, who saw his assignment turn into a successful...

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