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Ask a nutrition student: Food frustrations and farewells

Stacey Arnold December 2, 2016

Four years of case studies, dietary recalls and medical nutrition therapy textbooks have taught me the skills and knowledge needed as a dietitian. But along with all the stats and facts, I have also accumulated...


Ask a nutrition student: Hungry for the Holidays

Stacey Arnold November 16, 2016

I have been working out extra hard to prepare for the massive intake of calories next Thursday —and over the holiday break. Do you have any holiday food health tips that will let me enjoy my time...


Ask a nutrition student: Sweet nothings?

Stacey Arnold November 11, 2016

I recently read about the not-so-sweet health effects of added sugars, so I decided to start sweetening my morning coffee with artificial sweetener packets. Shockingly, I‘ve already been through...


Ask a nutrition student: Feed a fever, starve a cold?

Stacey Arnold November 2, 2016

I’ve sanitized my apartment every day this week to save myself from cold and flu germs, but I guess I didn’t clean well enough, because my roommate has come down with a stomach bug. Do you...

Ask a Nutrition Student: Tricks for choosing Halloween treats

Stacey Arnold October 27, 2016

I have a dilemma: I want to partake in Halloween’s frightening festivities, but don’t want to be cursed by candy calories. What’s a ghoul to do? — Healthy Ghoul Healthy Ghoul,...


Ask a nutrition student: Better butter?

Stacey Arnold October 21, 2016

All I want is to put a pat of butter on my toast in the morning, but when I go grocery shopping, I stand in the dairy aisle for 10 minutes trying to choose a healthy option. Butter? Margarine? Which one...


Ask a nutrition student: Not all bacteria are bad

Stacey Arnold October 14, 2016

I’ve seen the words probiotic and prebiotic on supplements at the pharmacy and flashed across food labels. What do they mean? Do I need to be taking a probiotic pill every day or is this just another...


Ask a nutrition student: Does water always win?

Stacey Arnold October 7, 2016

It’s really hard to stay hydrated through the long Texas summer. Will drinking sports drinks be better for me than drinking good old water? What do electrolytes really do? – Hot &...


Ask a nutrition student: Are my cravings all in my head?

Stacey Arnold September 30, 2016

Last month, I drove to the gas station in the middle of the night for a chocolate bar. I ate a whole bag of potato chips last week because I needed something salty. As I write this, I’m resisting...


Ask a nutrition student: Health food hoaxes

Stacey Arnold September 23, 2016

When I go to the grocery store, I feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of health foods. I feel like every item carries some kind of health benefit.  Some of these food items can’t be what...


Ask a nutrition student: Put your money where your mouth is

Stacey Arnold September 16, 2016

It’s almost the end of the month, and my bank account is looking a little sad. I feel like all of my money goes to food (and rent). Is there a way to spend less on meals without resorting to ramen...


Ask a nutrition student: Don’t lose your mind over college weight gain

Stacey Arnold September 9, 2016

I’m a freshman and am terrified of falling victim to the Freshman 15. My mom, friends and online college bloggers have warned me about the inevitable weight gain. Is there anything I can do to prevent...


Nutrition student advises against indulgent football game concessions

Stacey Arnold September 2, 2016

Football season is here! I want to make sure that I fuel myself for a long day of tailgating and cheering. With all of the new concession options at DKR and when I travel off to away games, how can I enjoy...


Ask a nutrition student: espresso yourself

Stacey Arnold July 27, 2016

I read somewhere that coffee causes cancer.  The number of all-nighters I have pulled with coffee as my only companion now has me worried about my future health. Should I be concerned? —...


Ask a nutrition student: A spoonful of sugar

Stacey Arnold July 20, 2016

I’m so confused about sugar – fruit has sugar and so does candy. Should I include fruit in my diet or should I try to limit my sugar intake? Can you help? —Sugar Mama Sugar...


Ask a nutrition student: Leftover endan-germ-ent

Stacey Arnold July 11, 2016

My roommate came home the other day and devoured all my leftover pizza. Unbeknownst to her, I brought it home a week ago! I was grossed out that she ate something so old, but she said that since it was...


Ask a nutrition student: Topping it off

Stacey Arnold July 7, 2016

Cookouts are a summer staple here in Texas. Is there a way that I can still partake in the food and fun and eat healthfully? --Barbie Q. Cookouts can be a huge source of calories. Salty snacks,...


Ask a nutrition student: smart sips

Stacey Arnold June 20, 2016

I’m spending a lot of my summer running around and find myself looking for healthy snack options that I can grab while I’m out. Would fast-food smoothies be a good choice for students on-the-go? —...


Ask a nutrition student: You knead to know about gluten

Stacey Arnold June 15, 2016

My girlfriend rejected the pasta I made, saying she was going gluten-free because it would improve her overall health. We got into an argument about whether or not gluten is bad for you. Who is right? -My...


Coconut oil is great for cosmetics, but should we consume it?

Stacey Arnold June 7, 2016

I have a friend who consumes a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil in addition to her breakfast every morning. She claims it will help her lose weight. Is she crazy, or should I follow her example? —Is...


Ask a nutrition student: I scream for ice cream

Stacey Arnold May 3, 2016

It’s finally summer (and bikini season)! For a post-pool snack, should I choose frozen yogurt or ice cream?   —Searching for the scoop Summer means no school, sunshine and sweet...

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Ask a nutrition student: study bites

Stacey Arnold April 26, 2016

I have five exams next week and need to go buy some study snacks. What do you recommend? —Straight-A Snacker Students deal with the stress of finals in many ways. Some stress-eat, others forget...

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Ask a nutrition student: Water you thinking?

Stacey Arnold April 19, 2016

I hate the way water tastes, but I want to stay hydrated. Can orange juice be a substitute for water? —H20 Intolerant Water should always be your first choice, but under certain circumstances,...


Ask a nutrition student: Got milk?

Stacey Arnold April 12, 2016

As a kid, my grandmother insisted that I guzzle milk and snack on cheese and yogurt all day so that I have strong bones once I get as old as her. Was she right?  —Dairy Queen There is...


Ask a nutrition student: Organic panic

Stacey Arnold April 5, 2016

My foodie friend started to solely buy organic and natural food organic and natural foods — she insists that they are healthier for her. How important is shopping in the organic section of the grocery...


Ask a nutrition student: Calling the shots

Stacey Arnold March 29, 2016

With RoundUp taking place this weekend, I have a feeling that I will be consuming a fair amount of cheap beer and trash can punch. How much of a strain will a weekend of partying put on my body? —Beer...


Ask a nutrition student: Juicy gossip

Stacey Arnold March 22, 2016

I spring break-ed a little too hard. I feel sluggish, bloated and completely unprepared to tackle the last half of the semester. I’m tempted to purchase a three-day juice cleanse to re-energize....


Ask a nutrition student: Read this with a grain of salt

Stacey Arnold March 8, 2016

I never put salt on my food. But my doctor says to limit my sodium intake since my blood pressure has been testing high. What are some other ways to cut back on sodium? —Salty Student I...


Ask a nutrition student: Beat the “bonk”

Stacey Arnold March 1, 2016

I want to immerse myself in the Austin fitness scene and signed up for the Longhorn Run. Do I need to carb-load on the night before my first 10K? —Leggy Longhorn You’ve always thought...


Ask a nutrition student: The beef on protein

Stacey Arnold February 23, 2016

What are some easy ways to incorporate more protein in my diet without much cooking? I don’t want to make steak or chicken, but I don’t know what else has protein.  What comes to mind...


The skinny on fats: how avoiding fat may not be beneficial

Stacey Arnold February 16, 2016

My mom told me that avocados are full of fat, and I know fat makes you gain weight. Should I skip the guac this semester? Don’t fear fat. Your mom’s fat-free diet obsession is simply a continuation...


Ask a nutrition major: Valentine’s Day indulgences can be healthy in moderation

Stacey Arnold February 10, 2016

I have just recently heard that wine and chocolate are good for you — does this mean that I can guiltlessly indulge on Valentine’s Day this weekend?  -Hopeful Romantic Scientists...

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