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Occupy the Millennium Lab

Stephen McGarvey April 24, 2012

Perhaps I’m being greedy. Perhaps there are more important issues, such as sweatshop labor, rising tuition costs and expensive student loans. But right now, the issues facing the University have...

1,001 problems but UT ain’t one

Stephen McGarvey April 17, 2012

I have a problem — and a serious one at that. You see, I have quite a lot of trouble making decisions. Just this afternoon I was in my local Walmart for two full hours trying to choose the right...

Justifying athletics salaries with revenue

Stephen McGarvey April 11, 2012

UT is an athletic powerhouse. Its teams are consistently ranked on the national level; as a result, the personnel coaching them is some of the best-paid in the country. But with budget cuts left and right...

Learning to love the lottery

Stephen McGarvey April 4, 2012

With Friday’s $656 million Mega Millions jackpot finally won, there is much renewed discussion about the lottery process, and on gambling in general. Opponents claim the lottery is essentially a...

Voter ID: Securing the polls

Stephen McGarvey March 27, 2012

The voting process is of pivotal importance in a true democracy. Our leaders and policies must be determined by the will of the people, through the votes they cast on Election Day. If this process were...

Affirmative action: Racist by nature

Stephen McGarvey March 20, 2012

In view of our nation’s tragic history of segregation and discrimination, lawmakers realized that action was necessary to correct the many wrongs done to blacks and other minorities during this period....

An inclination for gender-neutral housing

Stephen McGarvey March 6, 2012

Recently, the University group StandOut proposed a gender-neutral approach to housing, where males and females could opt to be placed with students of the opposite gender. The group’s favored policy...

On-campus dining needs improvement

Stephen McGarvey March 1, 2012

Students living on campus depend on the $1,700 that the Division of Housing and Food Services provides to feed them. They need a meal plan that is versatile in hours, diverse in options and, most importantly,...

Research funds not worth sacrificing freedom

Stephen McGarvey February 21, 2012

I am not, have not been and for the foreseeable future will not be a smoker or user of any tobacco product. In fact, tobacco in all of its forms repulses me, and I typically try to avoid spending extended...

The benefits of the camping ban

Stephen McGarvey February 14, 2012

UT’s Faculty Council met recently to discuss a new policy that prohibits camping on University property. While some would argue that not being able to camp on a university’s grounds is simple...

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