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Rockin’ around the shopping mall brings stress

Sunny Kim December 7, 2018

Whether you like it or not, one thing that is inevitable about the holiday season is exposure to Christmas music. During December, shops pump out Mariah Carey to change people in the festive mood, but...


Toxic shock syndrome is rare but deadly for tampon users

Sunny Kim November 30, 2018

When sociology senior Kate Hardin gets her period, she sets an alarm to take out her tampon. She worries she could get Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potentially deadly bacterial infection, if she doesn’t. Toxic...

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UT experts find over half of fracking wells associated with earthquakes in Oklahoma

Sunny Kim November 16, 2018

UT research revealed that excess water produced from hydraulic fracturing, a method used to extract natural resources such as oil by injecting pressurized liquid into rocks, can disrupt pressure levels...

Women in High Performance Computing launches Texas chapter, holds first meeting

Sunny Kim November 12, 2018

Women in High Performance Computing launched its Texas chapter this year to provide resources and networking opportunities for women working in computing fields. Melyssa Fratkin, an industrial programs...


‘They noticed the difference we can make’: Why the Asian-American vote is important this election

Sunny Kim November 6, 2018

Editor's Note: This is the third installment of The Texan’s series “Raising Voices,” which highlights issues of diversity at UT. Stories are produced in partnership with UT’s...


Without a ballot: During election season, DACA students remain without a voice in politics

Sunny Kim November 6, 2018

This is the second installment of The Texan’s series “Raising Voices,” which highlights issues of diversity at UT. Stories are produced in partnership with UT’s chapters of Asian...


Flaws in voting machines shouldn’t deter people from voting, UT expert says

Sunny Kim November 2, 2018

A few days ago, people claimed their straight-ticket votes were incorrectly changed to someone in the opposite party, according to the Texas Tribune.  It happened with the Hart InterCivic eSlate...

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Scary audio plays off psychology, UT-Austin expert says

Sunny Kim October 26, 2018

Scary movies have ominous sounds that give us goosebumps. Our physical dislike for spooky sounds in horror films is due to psychological cues and a part of our inner ear called the basilar membrane, psychology...


Are you a first-gen student? It depends who you ask.

Sunny Kim October 25, 2018

This is the second installment of the semester-long collaborative series “First-Gen UT,” which will share the stories of first-generation Longhorns. Stories will be produced in partnership...


First ever solar-powered snow cone truck coming to UT

Sunny Kim October 19, 2018

Next semester, students will be able to purchase a solar-powered snow cone near UT. SolarSno is the first ever off-grid snow cone truck in Austin that uses solar energy to power its entire operation. Off-grid...


Female bias in voice technologies reflect societal preferences, experts say

Sunny Kim October 12, 2018

When ordering your technological assistant to complete a task, you’ll get a response from a female voice — a polite and reliable female assistant. Siri, Alexa and Cortana all respond with a...

ACL_Face_Court_of_MaryHaskettfull (1)

Blink Identity’s facial recognition technology may replace ACL tickets

Sunny Kim October 5, 2018

Soon, you might be able to use your face to enter Austin City Limits music festival. Blink Identity, a facial recognition startup based in Austin, has software that can identify over 60 people at a time...


Code Pilot helps employ engineers without résumés

Sunny Kim September 21, 2018

Engineers can now apply for jobs without a résumé, cover letter or even a technical interview through Code Pilot, a data science company. David Lemphers, CEO and founder of the Austin startup,...


Austin startup uses artificial intelligence to fight disinformation

Sunny Kim September 13, 2018

Disinformation can affect anything from elections to your Facebook feed to businesses, and a new startup aims to help businesses fight back. New Knowledge, an Austin-based cybersecurity startup led...


Writers and poets share their opinions of President-elect Donald Trump

Sunny Kim January 17, 2017

Austin writers and poets have mixed views on President-elect Donald Trump’s effect on the writing and journalism community. At an event called Writers Resist, local writers and poets came...


Amazon@UT offers pickup location for online holiday shoppers

Sunny Kim November 29, 2016

For the first time, students can order and pickup their Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases at the Amazon pickup location at Gregory Gymnasium.  Many students previously had inconvenient...


Thanksgiving serves up potential for political tension among families

Sunny Kim November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving break is the first time some students will face their families since the election.  For students like supply chain management senior John Falke, his family is split politically....


UT Student cooks and delivers healthy meals to 60 students through business called Health Crave

Sunny Kim November 17, 2016

While students sleep in on Sunday morning, Kiara Ringgenberg wakes up at 5 a.m. to cook and deliver close to 60 meals to students as part of a startup she founded last month. The health and society...


Professor lectures on using vampire stories to reflect political, social issues

Sunny Kim November 15, 2016

Vampire stories reflect current political and social issues, said Thomas Garza, a Slavic and Eurasian Studies associate professor, on Monday night.  Polymathic Scholars, an honors community within...


College of Natural Sciences hosts talent show

Sunny Kim November 10, 2016

About 60 students cheered and clapped Wednesday night as the song “Listen” by Beyonce echoed in the Student Activity Center auditorium.   The singer was Glori Das, a biomedical engineering...


Texas Blazers kickoff campaign to help refugees with “cheap lunch”

Sunny Kim November 8, 2016

New members of Texas Blazers, a men’s honor society and service organization, are hosting a weeklong “cheap lunch” to help Texas refugees by raising money for two resettlement agencies in...

2016-11-03_Business_Engineering_ Scavenger_Hunt_Thomas

Engineering vs Business Week kickoff first-ever scavenger hunt

Sunny Kim November 3, 2016

A group of engineering students beat out competition from business students during a scavenger hunt Wednesday, hosted as a part of the annual Engineering vs Business Week.  During the scavenger...


Pharmacy students win national title, first time in UT’s history

Sunny Kim October 31, 2016

The Tower glowed burnt orange Wednesday to celebrate a team of pharmacy students that won UT’s first national title at a business competition on Oct. 16.  “When I found out our team...


Students, CMHC offer perspective on new Instagram flagging feature

Sunny Kim October 25, 2016

This past week, Instagram announced it would step up and spread awareness of posts that reflect self-harm by adding a new feature on its app that allows users to anonymously flag their friend’s posts...


Policy speaker educates students on mental health issues in Texas

Sunny Kim October 18, 2016

Despite national efforts to increase medical care through the Affordable Care Act, Texas has a mental health workforce shortage.  Lauren Lewis, associate commissioner of Substance Abuse and Mental...


Potential new method to contract Zika virus leaves questions unanswered

Sunny Kim October 13, 2016

The Utah man who contracted the Zika virus by touching his dad’s tears and sweat was an extremely rare case, according to recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The...


New survey shows baby boomers most resistant to fully autonomous cars

Sunny Kim October 11, 2016

A recent survey conducted by Kelley Blue Book showed that out of 2,264 U.S. residents, baby boomers were the most resistant to fully autonomous cars, followed by Generation X, millennials and Generation...


In light of Blue Bell recalls, professor and DHFS discuss listeria contamination

Sunny Kim October 4, 2016

Recent outbreaks of listeria are causing worry for food manufacturers such as Blue Bell Creameries, the Kellogg company and Organic by Nature, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Food...


Workshop discusses stereotypes of Asian-Americans

Sunny Kim September 29, 2016

Growing up, comments from Rachana Jadala’s peers made her feel as if she was not living up to be a proper Indian-American woman. These comments make up the model minority myth, which was discussed...


Author discusses U.S. president’s role in handling crises

Sunny Kim September 27, 2016

Tevi Troy, author of “Shall We Wake the President?” and former U.S. deputy secretary of health and human services, discussed how U.S. presidents should take an active role in resolving crises...


Professor of clinical medicine encourages narrative dialogues to solve conflict

Sunny Kim September 20, 2016

Rita Charon, professor of clinical medicine and director of the program in narrative medicine at Columbia University, challenged audience members Monday at a public forum to openly discuss difficult questions...


Historian discusses modern racial justice

Sunny Kim and Carlynn Hickenbotham September 15, 2016

Civil rights historian and author Peniel Joseph spoke on modern-day relations and past struggles for racial justice in a series of lectures hosted by the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy on Wednesday...


Latina/o Studies professor emphasizes importance of Latinos in upcoming election

Sunny Kim September 13, 2016

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, a Mexican-American and Latina/o studies professor, emphasized the importance of Latinos in the upcoming presidential election in a speech held Monday at Sid Richardson Hall.  Soto...


Assistant art history professor discusses spatial cultures in new book

Sunny Kim September 6, 2016

Approximately 40 students and faculty gathered Friday at the Sid Richardson Hall to listen to assistant art history professor George Flaherty speak about his new book, “Hotel Mexico: Dwelling on...


University Democrats hosts political internship fair with guest speaker congressman Lloyd Doggett

Sunny Kim September 1, 2016

U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-Austin) discussed Wednesday the stakes in the upcoming presidential election at the first University Democrats meeting of the year, During the meeting, Doggett emphasized...


Millennial-shaming provides no constructive generational insight

Sunny Kim May 5, 2016

Older generations have historically accused the younger ones of being frivolous, wild and shallow individuals who are responsible for making the world worse. This is certainly true in how the baby boomers...


Sharing faces on bills invalidates attempted progress

Sunny Kim April 29, 2016

Last Wednesday when U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill, most rejoiced at the idea. Hillary Clinton tweeted, “I can’t...


University should offer more Asian food options for students

Sunny Kim April 22, 2016

I miss the aroma of freshly cooked white rice, smoked bulgogi and rich seaweed soup. I miss the taste of spicy kimchi fried rice, sweet galbi and nutty bibimbap. Unfortunately, none of these options are...


Well-intended ‘plus sized’ clothing label alienates consumers

Sunny Kim April 15, 2016

As you flip through a magazine, you see pictures of stick-thin models posing for the camera. They have the physique that women desire: a beautiful smile, flawless skin and a slender body. The media...


Conversation of sexual assault should be open toward all gender-inclusive people

Sunny Kim April 15, 2016

Austin is known for its laid-back and friendly atmosphere. It’s also the second-best metropolitan city to live in based on its high quality of life, healthcare and education, according to U.S. News...

staff diversity

UT still wages gender equality battle among faculty and staff

Sunny Kim April 8, 2016

A father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the father. The son is rushed to the hospital, but just before he goes under the knife, the surgeon says, “I can’t operate — that...


Eroded trust in Student Government may lower voter turn out

Sunny Kim March 25, 2016

Students who voted in the previous executive alliance elections are probably wondering what caused the chaos and drama over the past two weeks. The excessive hearings by the Election Supervisory Board,...

Obama must address police violence in SXSW speech

Sunny Kim March 11, 2016

Yesterday, a grassroots activist-led organization called the Austin Justice Coalition protested the death of David Joseph with members of Black Lives Matter at the Austin City Hall to seek justice. This...


Asian Americans need not to be stereotyped

Sunny Kim March 4, 2016

During orientation, people ask you three things: “What’s your name, where are you from and what’s your major?” These three things not only serve as segue for conversation, but they...


Students must use their power in the polls

Sunny Kim February 26, 2016

The first Student Government debate was held at the Student Activity Center on Monday. Four diverse and well-qualified candidates presented their platform points, addressing important issues such as sexual...


Senate should at least consider Obama’s nominees

Sunny Kim February 22, 2016

Only hours after Justice Antonin Scalia passed away, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that “this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.” McConnell...


Historical figures should not be unnecessarily glorified

Sunny Kim February 17, 2016

In celebration of President Lincoln’s 207th birthday, it’s worthwhile to critically examine his presidency and policies relating to the Civil War. Examining these is a crucial component to...

Skipping infographweb

Skipping class results in negative financial impact

Sunny Kim January 27, 2016

It can be easy to skip that 8 a.m. class when you’re feeling tired, or when you haven’t finished your readings and know that the discussion will focus on those specific assignments. Although...

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