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In the spirit of W.S. Merwin

The Firing Line April 27, 2011

On Monday, the Harry Ransom Center hosted a reading by W.S. Merwin, one of the greatest American poets of our time. In addition to being a phenomenal poet, Merwin is also one of the kindest men you...

THE FIRING LINE: Ignoring racism, Sarah Weddington, online learning

The Firing Line April 21, 2011

Ignoring racism is detrimental After reviewing the campus’ overwhelming response to the articles written weeks ago in The Daily Texan to capture the true essence of our campus climate by...

THE FIRING LINE: Veterans benefits

The Firing Line April 19, 2011

I appreciate The Daily Texan bringing voice to issues surrounding veteran benefits in the April 4 article, “Veteran benefits unclear, report reveals.”  However, I was surprised to see...

THE FIRING LINE: Stand for social justice

The Firing Line April 18, 2011

I appreciated The Daily Texan’s coverage of the protest on behalf of Planned Parenthood at the capitol in March. I am, however, concerned that I haven’t read anything about the HB 1 amendment...

THE FIRING LINE: Whose fear is more irrational?

The Firing Line April 14, 2011

On Wednesday night, the TIP program hosted a panel in the Union Theatre about the possible legislation that will force public colleges and universities in Texas to allow licensed individuals to bring...

THE FIRING LINE: Research and teaching overlap

The Firing Line April 12, 2011

As I finish preparations for my 8 a.m. class, I find that I have time to respond to the poor reasoning exhibited by Ron Trowbridge in his April 11 column, “Research can be nonsense.” Ron...

Roundup Coalition

The Firing Line April 4, 2011

Roundup Coalition: A clarification In an attempt to correct the misleading headline in The Daily Texan on Monday, I’d like to clarify Student Government’s relationship with the Roundup...

The Firing Line

The Firing Line April 3, 2011

Dear transient I was deeply offended by Marty McAndrews’s reporting of Will Hancock’s position in “Drifting on the Drag.” I don’t believe that the other side of the...

A plague of statistical sophistry

The Firing Line March 31, 2011

In her Wednesday column “Raise the bar on minimum wage,” Jessi Devenyns argued that “it is our generation’s responsibility to inform the government and citizenry about the positive...

Roundup photos; Question intelligent design

The Firing Line March 29, 2011

Roundup photos Why did The Daily Texan feel the need to associate a story about “Roundup crime rates” (which should have been called “Roundup crime rates drop”), with a picture...

Cybersafety at UT

The Firing Line March 28, 2011

Every day, we hear stories about people who have had their credit and investments destroyed within even just a few hours of a deviant individual stealing and manipulating their personal information....

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