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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Swirling winds roll into Austin

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 26, 2013

Strong winds caused several thousand residents to experience power outages Monday and passengers to deal with canceled flights from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The outage left nearly...


Students raise awareness about unsafe construction sites.

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 21, 2013

Through a street-theater performance, UT students raised awareness of how Texas is one of the most dangerous states to build in. Construction-related deaths represent 20 percent of all work-related deaths...


For undocumented workers on campus, retirement is no sure thing

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 20, 2013

Editor’s note: Names of some individuals in this story have been altered. A few interviews were conducted in Spanish and then translated into English. For all the years Maria Batarse has put in...


LBJ Library releases love letters between President Johnson and Lady Bird through their courtship

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 14, 2013

The first day Lyndon B. Johnson met Claudia “Lady Bird” Taylor, he asked her to marry him. After she said no, the would-be president and first lady exchanged 90 letters in the following 10...


Bill Bennett, former Sec. of Education, speaks about schools, teachers and tenure

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 5, 2013

William Bennett, former Secretary of Education during the Reagan administration, focused on the future of the American education system Monday at the Liberal Arts Building. Bennett earned his doctorate...

Whitman, JFK documenteer dies

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 5, 2013

Media and theater pioneer Gordon Wilkison died Wednesday in his Austin home. Wilkison devoted nearly 30 years to filming and archiving UT football games, and he captured rare footage of the 1966 shooting...


Latin American Network celebrates Caribbean culture with live music and traditional food

Victor Hernandez-Jayme February 4, 2013

The Latin America Network hosted A Night in the Caribbean on Saturday night to celebrate the cultures of the tropical West Indies with food and live music. “Tonight people from very different...

2013 Maya Meetings held at UT: New temples, fire glyphs and legends

Victor Hernandez-Jayme January 22, 2013

The five-day Maya Meetings returned to Austin after being held in Guatemala last year, attracting scholars and enthusiasts of Maya culture from around the world to present their latest research and discoveries...

Former mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, accepts position at the LBJ School

Victor Hernandez-Jayme January 17, 2013

Former two-term mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, will be serving as a visiting professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs this spring. Franklin, who served as mayor of the city from 2002 to 2010,...

UT Professor Ian Molineaux co-authors article in Science Express, discovers how viruses infect cells

Victor Hernandez-Jayme January 16, 2013

In a scientific breakthrough, Ian Molineux, professor of molecular genetics and microbiology, observed viruses crawl across the surface of bacteria, scouting the membrane to infect the cell at its weak...

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