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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Association awards faculty members

Vidushi Shrimali November 30, 2010

Seven UT faculty members were named for a $5,000 award for teaching excellence. Established in the fall of 1980, the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award honors five professors in the College...

Cultural exchange promoted through International Education Week

Vidushi Shrimali November 16, 2010

More than 2,000 students left Austin to study abroad last school year, and this fall about twice as many international students from 115 countries came to the city to study at UT. The University’s...

Austinites split over Prop. 1 proposal

Vidushi Shrimali and Anna Fata November 2, 2010

Austin residents will decide Tuesday whether a $90 million bond proposal to fund road improvements and build sidewalks and bike lanes is an effective solution to the city’s transportation...

Grants aid in biology research with quick-evolving plant DNA

Vidushi Shrimali October 26, 2010

Biology professor Robert Jansen and three colleagues received a $2.4 million research grant from the National Science Foundation to study the DNA sequences in 16 plant species. Jansen said plants...

National Trust asks residents to reflect on local identity, preservation of culture

Vidushi Shrimali October 26, 2010

When UT graduate Jason Clement asked Austinites to describe their city in one word, some of the most popular answers were eclectic, weird, confused and home. Clement and Julia Rocchi, online content...

Study: males likely to prize commitment, love with sex

Vidushi Shrimali October 10, 2010

Men are more likely than women to be satisfied from sex motivated by a relationship based on love and commitment, according to a study by UT psychology researchers. The study, released Oct. 22 in...

Blanton asks guests to examine works closely

Vidushi Shrimali April 19, 2010

After Aida Prazak attended Slow Art Day at the Blanton Museum of Art on Saturday, she was inspired to go home and create some artwork of her own. “I collect vintage books at home, and I just wanted...

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