Quotes to note


<em>“The only ‘bias’ of those who begin with ‘Morning Edition’ is a bias for truth. My constituents tune in to KUT because they want fact-based, not faux-based, Fox-based coverage.”</em>
— Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, testifying on behalf of funding for National Public Radio on March 17.

<em>“What [proposed reforms fail] to recognize is that at the truly top universities in this nation, research is not separate from education. Research is education.”</em>
— Dean Neikirk, an engineering professor and chair of the UT Faculty Council, on reforms which would downgrade the role and funding of research at Texas state universities, according to the Texas Tribune.

<em>“I believe that the University of Texas at Austin and other institutions in the UT System are at the risk of serious, long-term, perhaps irreversible degradation in academic stature as a result of initiatives being implemented by the new Chairman of the Board, with the encouragement and assistance of Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.”</em>
— Fort Worth attorney and UT alumnus Gordon Appleman in an open letter to the UT community regarding state university reforms instigated by Gov. Rick Perry and his supporters.

<em>“Quality faculty can really change the meaning of an education. Students are in favor of this to continue the quality of the education we’re getting.”</em>
— UT System student regent Kyle Kalkwarf regarding the Board of Regents’ decision to raise tuition for students at UT System medical schools, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

<em>“Anytime you’re making fundamental changes, the people who are part of the current system are naturally nervous and suspicious.”</em>
— Texas Public Policy Foundation spokesman David Guenthner, responding to criticisms of the Foundation’s recommended reforms to Texas higher education, according to the Texas Tribune.

<em>“So should the state spend their Rainy Day Fund before [funds from public school reserves] are accessed? It’s a good debate to have. My answer is no, I don’t think so.”</em>
— Gov. Rick Perry said regarding whether the Legislature should use the state Rainy Day Fund to pay down the state budget deficit, according to the Austin American-Statesman.