Quotes to Note


<em>“We support [research] and in fact are working hard to ensure that the University can generate even more valuable research.”<em>
— an open letter penned by the Board of Regents and directed to UT alumni. The letter came in response to an email from the president of the Texas Exes alumni organization criticizing the Board of Regents for devaluing the role of academic research at public universities.

<em>“We are really trying to make a point to make sure that Latinos and communities in this state are represented according to what the law says every 10 years.”<em> — Lydia Camarillo, executive director of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, regarding Hispanic representation in state redistricting efforts, as reported by the Texas Tribune.

<em>“I am literally astounded that Judge Junell thinks that [the Texas Open Meetings Act] is not overreaching and vague.”<em>
— Arlington City Council member Mel LeBlanc responding to a federal judge’s ruling in favor of the Texas Open Meetings Act, as reported by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram

<em>“There are students and faculty and staff who smoke. Do we want to say to them, ‘You can’t work here?’”<em>
— President William Powers Jr. in an address to UT staff about proposals to ban smoking on the UT campus, according to The Daily Texan.

<em>“Nobody’s proposing a tax bill or anything like that. That doesn’t negate the fact that if we had more money, we could do a better job.” <em>
— Rep. Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, addressing the need to find additional state revenue without raising taxes, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

<em>“We cut government billions, as you asked. We didn’t raise taxes, as you asked. And the money that we were able to scrounge together, we focused on the classroom for your children. I think that is a message that they support.”<em>
 — Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, commenting on the Senate’s proposed state budget.