Quotes to Note


<i>“I’m taking a position, and my position is: This is a false choice. I’m not going to pick one over the other when I know there is a third option.” </i>

— Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, responding to the difficult decisions facing lawmakers as they divvy up the state’s reduced budget, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Villarreal has stated that he wants the state to explore ways to increase revenue rather than follow through on the current budget cuts.

<i>“I will not be put in the position of pulling from one need to (give to) another.”</i>

 — Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, on her decision not to cast a vote on an amendment to H.B. 1, the state budget bill, according to the Statesman.

<i>“I’m disappointed that, in the face of many serious budget decisions and important issues, my Democratic colleagues have decided not to tell the people of Texas where they stand.”</i>

— Rep. Myra Crownover, R-Denton, regarding the abstentions by many Democrat legislators, according to the Statesman.

<i>“This is a statement of our values, and that statement is: We don’t value education, we don’t value opportunity, and we don’t value the ill and the elderly”</i>

— Rep. Mark Strama, D-Round Rock, responding to one of the amendments proposed to the current version of the state budget before the House of Representatives, according to the Statesman. This particular amendment removed $3.5 million from the Commission for the Arts to be distributed to programs benefiting the elderly and disabled.

<i>“I cannot continue my work for the party in this capacity. The mistakes I have made have put my colleagues, my friends and school in harm’s way and they do not deserve to be part of such a bitter cycle.” </i>

— Excerpt from a statement of resignation by SMU junior and Texas College Republicans chairman Charlie McCaslin, who resigned from his post on Thursday. McCaslin came under fire for an endorsement speech he made on behalf of Alex Schriver, a candidate for national chairmen of the College Republicans. McCaslin described Schriver’s opponents as “nerds” and “fags.”

<i>“There are thousands and thousands of students who, five years down the road, wonder why they majored in what they did and have missed an opportunity. Education needs to think in entrepreneurial ways where students are thinking about what their brand is, what their value is, and universities should be doing the same thing.” </i>

— UT communication studies professor Richard Cherwitz stressing the need for Texas universities to teach entrepreneurialism.