Seasoned punk rock trio comes of age

Neha Aziz

Lindsay “Coco” Hames, Maria “Poni” Silver and Jeremy “Jem” Cohen make up Nashville rock trio The Ettes. Currently on tour, the band will perform at Emo’s tonight.

The Ettes have slowly gained momentum touring with big name bands such as The Black Keys, The Dead Weather and Kings of Leon. They’ve also performed at numerous music festivals, including last year’s Austin City Limits. The band was also featured on the ACL 2010 music sampler from the festival, an impressive feat considering only 34 bands out of 130 make the list.

The band has five albums under its belt with its latest, Wicked Will, just released earlier this month to rave reviews. The album can be described as a coming of age album as well as an album for punk rockers alike. Their music is filled with strong beats, brilliant guitar riffs and tons of attitude — meanwhile, Hame’s voice is simply enthralling. In an Aug. 2 interview with Interview Magazine, Hames discussed some of the themes of the record.

“There’s a lot of things I like in my songwriting — mainly this kind of frustration,” Hames told the magazine. “I’m not a terribly good talker, so I’ve always felt better represented by my writing. And in relationships, romantic and otherwise, you’re placed in this world in this strange generation that we’re a part of where everything is insane and nothing is like what it was growing up. There’s so much that could be and a lot of hope and curiosity about that.”

Hames also mentions some of her favorite tracks, which include “Teeth” and “Worse There Is” due to their slow tempo and blunt lyrics.

The Ettes have other side projects and talents that go beyond the stage. The group plays with the band The Parting Gifts, who have also collaborated with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys and Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs. In addition, drummer Maria Silver is set to launch her own clothing line. With a crazy tour schedule, the release of five albums in the course of six years and abundant talent it’s no wonder that Spin magazine lists The Ettes as a Band You Need to Hear Now. 

The Ettes- Teeth by bladesofgrass

Printed on August 30, 2011 as: Punk rock trio comes of age, tells of frustration and relationships