Club soccer team provides bonding experience

Garrett Callahan

The motto of the Texas men’s club soccer team — “A winning tradition” — represents the pride and goals set by the team each year. As the squad looks to build on that winning tradition and make it back to the National Tournament, we’re reminded that they’re not just any club team. Take Juan Caudillo for example, a fourth-year student who has been starting on the team since his freshman year and was the captain of his state champion high school team. A leader, Caudillo helps keep the team focused.

“There is a big commitment, with practices three times a week, one or two games a weekend, and then traveling,” Caudillo said. “Our team is very close and gets along very well.”

The men’s club team isn’t a varsity sport, but there’s still a lot of traveling. However, there seems to be a relaxed atmosphere about it. They have team dinners and spar over intense FIFA matches, a good way for the older players to bond with some of the younger guys, like freshmen Connor Clark and Nick Boardley.

“All the guys have been very welcoming and it’s been great to get to know them,” Clark said. “They’re really cool, really down to earth and great to hang with.”

“The team bonding experiences have really helped me to get to know everybody,” Boardley said.