Pristine in 2016

On Nov. 27, Gov. Rick Perry told the Rio Grande Guardian that he will “make an announcement about [his] future political plans in July,” and his “instincts are very positive towards it right now.” There’s no hurry, he said, “2016 is way down the road.” We beg to differ and are more than happy to oblige by offering some possible bumper stickers for his 2016 presidential bid:

“Oops, I did it again”
“No hat, no cattle, lots of cash”
“What’s the third one again?”
“Romney in reverse: All heart, no brain.”
“The Unanalytical Choice”
“Why secede when I can lead?”
“Press mute & I appear presidential”
“My picture is worth all the others’ words”
“My hair’s still pristine in 2016”
“Vote for me or the coyotes will eat  your little puppy.”