FareWills, we’re out the Thor

Tuesday, April 4 marked the end of our term as Student Government president and vice president. It truly has been a blessing to serve you all, day in and day out. We sincerely hope we have made the lives of each and every student on this campus a little bit easier. And we want you to remember that student leadership is about one thing: service.

 Do you have an initiative you’d like to take care of? Make it happen. If you can get student support around an issue, you’re making a difference. Today we want to challenge all 53,000 of you to come up with one project this next year that will benefit UT students and the UT community as a whole. Act on that project. Never feel discouraged by people telling you that you can’t do it. This year never would have been such a success without the help of our executive board. We love its members dearly and look forward to continuing our friendships when we become UT alumni. And it’s been such a pleasure getting to work with the UT administration on a regular basis. They know what’s best for UT, and we stand behind them 100 percent. 

We are all Longhorns, and we’ll continue to fight for what is right for this great University of ours. 

Lastly, we’d like to take this time to thank you — the students — for believing in our vision. We are so humbled and honored to have been elected to represent y’all, and we pledge to forever put the student interest first. We sincerely love this University, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. 

Hook ‘em Horns!