In-N-Out plans for Central Austin locale

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis

Austin residents may soon be able to visit the popular fast food chain In-N-Out Burger without needing to take a road trip to its nearest location in Fort Worth.

Carl Van Fleet, vice president of planning and development for In-N-Out, said many details have yet to be released about the Central Austin location, which will be at the intersection of I-35 and Airport Boulevard.

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity in North Loop, but our project there is still in the early stages,” Van Fleet said. “Once we begin construction on a new restaurant, it usually takes us four to five months to open for business, and we still have some work to do before we can even begin construction. As to the why for that location, it is a great site in a vibrant area with good proximity to I-35.”

An additional location in Round Rock is set to open in fall 2013, near the Round Rock Premium Outlets mall.

In-N-Out has primarily served West Coast areas since its opening in 1948, but has been moving east into Nevada, Arizona and Utah since the early 1990’s. The chain’s first Texas location opened in 2011, and there are currently 18 Texas locations listed on the company’s website.

Governmetn and sociology junior Eric Ryu said the quality and simplicity of the food is what he enjoys about In-N-Out, in addition to a “secret” menu that makes ordering more fun.

“I really love In-N-Out,” Ryu said. “I think it would be awesome to have one in Austin. I will definitely go to the new location. Austinites will definitely love In-N-Out.”