Horns Up, Horns Down for July 29


HORNS UP: The city of Austin has developed an ambitious water treatment system that will give customers the option of purchasing cheap, though non-potable, reclaimed water for purposes other than human consumption. The program will lessen the burden on the already overtaxed lakes Buchanan and Travis, which have dwindled in the ongoing drought. 

HORNS DOWN: With the threat of a third special session looming, we have to wonder why Gov. Rick Perry still hasn’t placed tuition revenue bonds on the special session call. TRBs, as they are known, would help fund more than 60 badly needed construction projects on Texas campuses, including the Engineering Education and Research Center here at UT.

HORNS UP: Texas A&M sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel, also known as Johnny Football, was kicked out of a West Campus frat party Friday night, according to deadspin.com. We think it’s a shame that Manziel had to leave, but we appreciate his recognizing that UT has the superior party scene.

HORNS DOWN: Houston businessman and oil pioneer George Mitchell passed away Friday. However you feel about the oil industry, Mitchell’s life story is a refreshing and rare reminder that, on occasion, individuals can propel themselves to success through hard work and ingenuity, and we’re sad to see him go.