Favored by more than a touchdown, Texas can’t be trusted after last week’s loss to BYU

Darren Mitchell

Maybe the Longhorns can rise from the ashes. Maybe they can dominate through the air against Ole Miss like they did a year ago en route to a 66-31 victory. Maybe being back at home will give them a much-needed morale boost. Maybe not. 

After last week’s embarrassing performance, I’m not willing to give the Longhorns the benefit of the doubt for anything. BYU rushed for an astounding 550 yards, by far the most ever given up by a Longhorn defense. Quarterback Taysom Hill is a minimal threat as a passer. It’s common knowledge he’d rather run. But even though Texas could predict exactly what was coming, it didn’t matter. They were absolutely dominated by a team that lost to Virginia the previous week. 

Ole Miss is a middle-of-the-pack SEC team. The Longhorns are definitely more talented, but so what? They were more talented than BYU, too. Ole Miss doesn’t have a mobile quarterback, so the Longhorns won’t have to deal with zone read offense again, but Daje Johnson is out, David Ash is questionable and no way can anybody feel comfortable betting on Texas after that massacre in Provo. I’ll take Ole Miss to cover the spread and beat Texas.

Ole Miss (+7.5) vs. Texas


Lock of the Week

Louisville (-12.5) vs. Kentucky

It’s a little surprising that this line is so low. Louisville is a Top 10 team and dominated their first two opponents. That competition has been subpar, but so is Kentucky. The Wildcats lost to Western Kentucky in week one. Teddy Bridgewater and Co. should have no problem winning by at least two touchdowns.


Upset Alert

UCLA (+4.5) vs. Nebraska

The Nebraska defense ain’t what it used to be. The Cornhuskers gave up 602 yards in a narrow 37-34 victory over a middling Wyoming team in Week 1. UCLA’s offense is a much bigger threat. Quarterback Brett Hundley is a Heisman sleeper and the Bruins rushing attack looked dominant in their only game so far. Lincoln is a tough place to play, but it becomes a lot less intimidating when the Nebraska defense is giving up 600-plus yards to a Mountain West team. UCLA is capable of the upset on the road.


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