Friday Firing Lines for Oct. 18: Student government stipends, cop cars, still no love for sex columns

Every Friday, the Daily Texan editorial board will publish a selection of tweets and online comments culled from the Daily Texan website and the various Daily Texan Twitter accounts, along with direct submissions from readers. Our intention is to continue the tradition of the Firing Line, a column first started in the Texan in 1909, in which readers share their opinions “concerning any matter of general interest they choose.” Just like in 1909, the Texan “will never express its approval or disapproval of opinions given under the [Firing Line] header.” In other words, take your shot. Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Split on Stipends

In response to the news article, "SG representatives announce resolution to cut stipends for executive branch"

In response to The Daily Texan Editorial Board’s editorial, “UT’s Student Government stipends should stay” 

Oh really, UTPD? 

In response to the news article, "Despite cuts, UTPD budget stays intact as it introduces new Ford Explorers"

Still not down with the sex columns

In response to the sex column “Sexy Sally: Turn ons”