Quotes to note for the week of Oct.14

Quotes to note from the week, culled from stories in the Daily Texan. 

“We can sit still and do exactly what we’re doing and have to cut almost 500 jobs, or we can take a different action and redesign a new construct ourselves that we think works with our campus." 

Kevin Hegarty, UT-Austin’s Chief Financial Officer, on the recently-released Shared Services plan, which would combine various entities around campus for a potential $320 million in savings over 10 years. 

“Students who finish school during an economic downturn tend to experience permanently worse careers and earn less income than those who graduate during booms. This type of economic event could have a direct and long-lived effect on students.” 

Olivier Coibion, assistant professor of economics and monetary policy expert, on the potential effects of the government shutdown on students. 

“‘Undocumented students struggle exponentially more than normal students,They have to ask themselves, ‘Are my parents going to be deported? Will I have in-state tuition six months from now?’”

 –Ryan Gildersleeve, associate professor of higher education at the University of Denver, on the trials faced by undocumented students. 

“I know that the other two [legislative student organizations] put in a ton of work, but we focus more on the campus-wide … In my view, we cover a far bigger umbrella, so that takes a little bit more effort, a little more time to budget that time.”

Horacio Villarreal, Student Government President, on the Student Government Executive Board receiving higher stipends than the leadership of other Legislative Student Organizations. 

“We want to include a clause that if you are on financial aid, or in a special circumstance situation, that you can apply for a stipend through the financial aid office or through some other entity. Because if it’s someone that needs something, then that we can do, but if it’s someone who comes from an affluent background that doesn’t necessarily need that money, I’d rather see Best Buddies, I’d rather see University Democrats, I’d rather see College Republicans get that money.”

Kallen Dimitroff, Student Government Liberal Arts Representative, on the planned legislation to eliminate the executive board’s stipends.