Week 7 fantasy football starts, sits

Taylor Piper


Tom Brady

Every other analyst I’ve read has listed Brady as one of their must-sits. Don’t believe it. The Jets defense is great, but Rob Gronkowski should suit up this Sunday — expect Brady to connect with him early and often.

Lamar Miller:

No one really feels good about starting Miller on their fantasy team. He struggles at running between the tackles, and doesn’t get many goal-line carries, but if there is one week to start him, it’s this week. Buffalo’s defense has been porous all year — expect Miller to have potentially the best game of his young career.

Joseph Randle:

An obvious pick for a Week 7, Randle will get the start for the Cowboys this week. He is not nearly as talented as DeMarco Murray, and he may not be a weekly start, but he will have a strong performance this week against the Eagles. This will be a high scoring game, and Philadelphia has a weak rushing defense. Randle got a lucky draw for his first NFL start.



Andre Johnson: 

I know it’s hard to bench Johnson. He was once the top dog of NFL receivers, but the tides are shifting — he is no longer a must-start. Given that Case Keenum will have his first start this weekend and that the Texans are playing the Chiefs, who have arguably the best defense in the league, Johnson is a strong sit this week.

Le’Veon Bell:

Pittsburgh’s offense is far from dynamic, and the same goes for Bell’s rushing abilities. Bell is averaging a meager 2.8 yards per carry this year, and the Ravens’ have allowed only one rushing touchdown all year.  Bell has a low floor and a low ceiling — a bad combination.

Stevan Ridley:

Last week, Ridley had the best game of his season with  110 yards and two touchdowns. Does this make him a must-start this week?  Absolutely not. The Jets defense is remarkably strong against the run, and don’t read too much into Ridley’s Week 6 performance. In the end, the Patriots have a running back-by-committee situation, and that won’t change any time soon.