Drake hired by Toronto Raptors, will help with uniform design

Grant Gordon

For a team that only won 34 games last year, the Toronto Raptors surely are an interesting topic for discussion.

It seems as though the team has finally overcome the tragic loss of its mascot, Raptor, to a season-ending injury and is back on the upswing, and the team generated buzz recently when it decided to change its logo and color scheme in preparation for the 2016 All-Star game to be hosted in Toronto. But there’s a catch: The re-branding of the franchise will be assisted by none other than Toronto’s own Drake.

So I guess it’s true — nothing will be the same after the Canadian rapper gets his hands on the design of the only NBA team from the Great White North.

The Raptors are taking a page out of the Brooklyn Nets’ book, allowing a world-famous rapper to redesign their team, and they hope the results are as positive. After unveiling their new Jay-Z aided design, the Nets jersey sales jumped from last in the league all the way to fourth, and the team’s overall value jumped 48 percent.

Drake was recently hired as “global ambassador” for the Raptors, a team in severe need of a makeover after missing the playoffs in each of the past five seasons.

The team name, however, is one thing that will not change, according to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment President Tim Leiweke, but Drake still has plenty of room to work with.

So get your creative juices flowing, Drake. Only time will tell if he will be able to beat out the older, distinguished Jay-Z in terms of NBA redesign, but one thing is certain: If Drake can even come close to replicating the beauty of these late-90s uniforms, his mission will have been an extreme success.