Friday Firing Lines for Nov.8: Rape prevention and abortion availability

Every Friday, the Daily Texan editorial board will publish a selection of tweets and online comments, along with direct submissions from readers. Our intention is to continue the tradition of the Firing Line, a column first started in the Texan in 1909, in which readers share their opinions “concerning any matter of general interest they choose.” Just like in 1909, the Texan “will never express its approval or disapproval of opinions given under the [Firing Line] header.” In other words, take your shot.

Rape Awareness

In response to the editorial, "Rape prevention efforts must be aimed at everyone, not just young women." 

Abortion availability 

In response to a tweet sharing the news article, "Three abortion providers in Travis county remain open but might close next year." 

And one about robots

In response to the news article, "Robotics lab makes strides toward more human-friendly robots."