UTLogin to replace current EID authentication system

Wynne Davis

The University plans to implement a new system to verify EIDs. UTLogin, a project that Information Technology Services has been working on for a few years, will enter its last implementation stage in June 2014.

“The main difference users will notice between the current EID authentication system and UTLogin is that the look-and-feel of the login page will be changing,” said C.W. Belcher, an associate director for the ITS applications department. “However, behind the scenes UTLogin includes a completely new set of technical infrastructure components designed to make EID authentication services as reliable as possible.”

The new system also addresses concerns that have been raised by users over the past few years.

“UTLogin also addresses the most reported complaints about the current EID authentication system,” Belcher said. “Namely, the pop-up window that appears after login will be eliminated, all applications that make use of UTLogin will handle authentication sessions consistently, the inactivity timeout period will double from 30 minutes to one hour and users will be able to roam campus on mobile devices without having to reauthenticate as they move from between buildings.”

UTLogin will include new security measures to make sure UT EID credentials are being used properly, Belcher said. In addition to these new safety features, the system has features that will allow for more security precautions to be created for more sensitive material.

While the look of the login page will change, there will not be changes made to the policies regarding UT EIDs, such as reset policies for passwords and EIDs.