SXSW authors to leave their mark at book signings

Vanessa Sliva

Authors from different professions are coming to SXSW Interactive to share their latest novels, covering topics from film creation to a take-over of technology.

This year, SXSW Interactive has chosen 120 authors to debut their books from March 9-15. Authors will read excerpts from their books, and following each presentation, the authors will also sign books for about 20 minutes.

Dean Silvers, a filmmaker, actor and producer, is the author of “Secrets of Breaking into the Film and TV Business.” The book talks about how the film industry has opened up to aspiring filmmakers because knowledge about film is easily accessible over the Internet, technology is more user-friendly and social media is reaching a larger audience.

“When you look at some of the subject matter, it’s just unmatchable,” Silvers said. “[SXSW] Interaction has a whole section on technology and education and that blends in perfectly with what I’m trying to do in film. Though I make movies, I want to educate people and show them through the use of interactive technology.”

The books being released during the week fall in 17 categories, including Comedy, WTF and Beyond, Content and Distribution and Health and Business. During SXSW Interactive, key speakers will give technological and educational lectures while the authors sign books, which Silver says will complement the education principle his book advocates.

“I really want to inspire people — not just filmmakers, but anyone,” Silvers said. “As an author and as a filmmaker, after doing this for 20 years, hopefully I can inspire people.”

Adam Braun, founder of the Promise of a Pencil foundation, is the author of “The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change.” The book follows Braun’s journey from being a college kid with an idea and $25 to being a keynote speaker who has established international education programs around the world. 

“I found I had learned a lot of lessons,” Braun said. “A lot of the lessons weren’t for people with power or fame, they were for the college student who didn’t have a lot of money and had a big idea. I wanted to write a book that gave someone the blueprint to turn their idea or passion into a full-time movement, business or organization.”

Byron Reese, the founder of six online startup businesses, is the author of “Infinite Progress: How the Internet and Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger, and War.” His book predicts the future of technology and details the methods that can be taken to solve issues that plague society. 

“I like the energy. [SXSW is] an invigorating kind of place,” Reese said. “You meet people, and you talk to them and you get to see what the other interesting people are doing. Usually I talk to a dozen people who have read my stuff and it’s really fun.” 

The SXSW Interactive book excerpt readings and signings will take place at the SX Bookstore in the Austin Convention Center, which will be open from March 9 to 15.

“It gives a personal touch to give a small meaningful note to an individual who would like to read it,” Braun said. “It’s the fabric of an experience.”