Attend all the SXSW events in style with our guide

Sarah Montgomery

Of the major events in Austin, SXSW is the most diverse — with everything from movie screenings to keynote speakers. Finding a fabulous outfit for all these events can be a hassle, so The Daily Texan has compiled a list of outfits that can be worn to all the different kind of events offered. Think comfort, monochromatic color schemes and details. 


While the Austin City Limits Music Festival and Fun Fun Fun Fest have already blown through the city, SXSW is a different kind of festival with a week's worth of action. Take it easy with a cute twist on basics, such as this velvet crop top to wear to a concert while sweating like a sleepless maniac. This effortless look will stand out among the crowd or surf above it.

– Radio-television-film freshman Caroline Touma

Outfit details:

Top and skirt // Homecookedkarma

Shoes // Madewell

Seeing a speaker

Chelsea Clinton, Brandon Stanton and Mindy Kaling are just a few of the big names giving speeches this year. Go to the keynotes with a collar and high-waisted shorts, and you'll look both professional and fashionable. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand high when Q-and-As roll around. All eyes, including the speakers’, will be on you.

– Biochemistry freshman Vivian Nguyen

Outfit details:

Cardigan // Penguin

Collared Shirt // Forever 21

White Shirt // Mac Demarco Band Shirt

Shorts // Urban Outfitters

Shoes // Steve Madden

Movie screening

Attend the next blockbuster or check out the indie movie screenings like a red carpet star. Since film screenings are stationary events, take the opportunity to go out in dressier attire. Don’t forget to play up the details. A hand full of rings or a statement necklace can take any floral dress from a casual day outfit to a fabulous Hollywood-ready ensemble.

– Journalism freshman Kris Seavers

Outfit Details:

Dress // Mamastonevintage

Boots // Forever 21

Watch // Fossil

Cameo necklace // Art Show

Gold Ring // Montage

Silver Stone Ring // Giantlion

Bracelet // LuckyHorn


The day doesn’t end with concerts and movie screenings. The right outfit could gain you access to the right afterparties. Dress up for the night, but wear low heels, especially if hopping around town from party to party. Adding a fun statement piece like this poncho will make the outfit one to be remembered. The night? Not so much.

– Undeclared freshman Anna Escamilla

Outfit details:

Pants // American Eagle

Shirt, Earrings // Urban Outfitters

Heels // Aldo

Poncho // Charm School Vintage 


Set aside a day or two see the local sights. While SXSW events will be numerous, Austin boasts several local places to eat and see. Take the time off school to go shopping on SoCo, check out the Capitol or take photos by the graffiti wall. With a comfortable pair of tennis shoes and some sunglasses, roam around town with the local Austinites.

– Public relations freshman Crystal Garcia

Outfit details:

Skirt, T-shirt, jacket and sunglasses // Forever 21

Shoes // Keds