Twitter accounts every UT student should follow

Fred Tally-Foos

The list of accounts users follow on Twitter is a snapshot of one’s life — if that life is comprised of guilty pleasures, unread news sites, and celebrities from one’s childhood whose tweets simply couldn’t be missed.

But it’s a new school year. Now is the time to reinvent web personalities and start down a new path of enlightenment. As a helpful push in the right direction, here is a selection of Twitter accounts to follow that will tune up anyone’s web presence and eradicate Twitter feed self-doubt.

The Tower — @UT_Tower 

Following the Tower is like an automatic ticket to sitting with the cool kids in middle school. Every night people flood Facebook and Twitter asking, “Why is the Tower orange?” @UT_Tower keeps its followers up to date on the happenings involving UT’s iconic structure. Knowledge is power, especially when it involves colored lights and UT football wins.

UT Dean of Students — @utdos

According to the UT Dean of Students’ Twitter, the lawn on the south side of Jester has been known as “Jester Beach.” By keeping students updated on the latest student-oriented news, facts and information, @utdos makes every follower feel like they are an important part of the University. Not to mention, most of the time @utdos is part of “team follow back,” meaning the account will follow anyone who follows it. Users will probably get a follower out of the exchange, which is always a plus.

Saved You a Click — @SavedYouAClick 

As a busy, tech-savvy college student, there isn’t always time to read everything that’s trending on the web. That’s where Saved You A Click comes in. Instead of having to click on every link that says “Hilary Duff broke the ice bucket challenge,” “Why is this European country done with beagles?” or “You’ll never guess which Backstreet boy likes celery,” this account will do just what it says by answering the question right on a user’s Twitter feed. Never feel out of the loop again.

Matthew McConaughey — @McConaughey 

Despite his big win at the Oscars last year, Matthew McConaughey is far from the most impressive UT alumnus. He tweets randomly and with less consistency than we have come to expect from our celebrity class. Sometimes his tweets are just plain boring pictures of the Atlanta airport. There is still a reason to follow him. Keep an eye out, so as not to miss a surprise visit he might make to the UT Honors Quad on a quiet morning.

Whataburger — @Whataburger 

Self-awareness often scares us. The idea that a corporation can understand the feelings we have for it — that a fast food chain can understand our needs and our feelings — is frightening. Whataburger has become one of us, one of the individuals, and it understands how much UT students crave it. Whataburger’s Twitter feed reflects our own desires for late night Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits and pulls us in.

The Daily Texan — @thedailytexan, @texancomics

Finally, follow The Daily Texan Twitter account, @thedailytexan. It aims to ensure that users are never caught off guard by campus news. But an often overlooked gem of The Daily Texan’s online presence is @texancomics. You can expect many things when following Texan Comics: cartoons, hilarious live-tweeting of campus and national events and the
occasional fun fact.