Pardon the sweat, I blame it on the stiflingly hot temperatures

Olivia Berkeley

To the general UT populace: I am sorry for my physical appearance these past three weeks.

I have, without fail, shown up to every class since the start of school drenched in my own sweat. ‘Tis the season for armpit, upper lip and backpack strap sweat, and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

I remember my first day of class last year — I spent the entire hour I had between classes circling Burdine, looking for some sort of indication that I was in the right place, accumulating what seemed like ounces of sweat in the process. While my first day of school this year was significantly less confusing, it was still just as sweaty. Thanks, Texas weather!

The only thing that gives me solace during this entirely unpleasant part of the year is that I am not alone. There are — despite our attempts to conceal it — many sweaty students walking around this campus during class hours. I’ve always been a sweaty person, regardless of the season, but having to change out of my damp clothing as soon as I get home is something I’m unfamiliar with. That, and having to pick out clothing that won’t obviously display my sweat stains. 

As much as I wish UT wouldn’t set its classroom thermometers to below freezing, resulting in a sudden drop in body heat levels that is almost as awful as the actual act of sweating, I know this will never happen. It’s summertime (still), which means that the AC is stuck at the perpetually cold setting all over campus. However, there are also buildings that don’t have air conditioning in select rooms, which, if you haven’t experienced it, can be likened to traveling into one of Dante’s deepest circles of hell with a Cosby sweater on. 

In such an energy-conscious era, it’s mystifying to me that UT hasn’t done more to equalize the temperature control in all of its buildings. Leaving one frozen tundra, entering the sweltering outdoors and re-entering another frigid iceland can’t be good for my body or for UT’s electricity bill. Until UT decides to turn up the AC dials, I’ll be the girl who shows up to class with a mister and portable fan. 

Berkeley is a Plan II and public relations sophomore from Austin.