Life & Arts editors preview the spring semester

Danielle Lopez and Kat Sampson

It is the first day of the spring semester. Everyone’s grades look promising as syllabuses make their way to the bottom of backpacks. Students fill agendas with attention to detail before the stress starts piling on. Here at The Daily Texan, not much is different. Editors patiently wait for their computers to reboot as writers schedule their first interviews. Our job as the Life & Arts editors is to provide stories that celebrate the people behind every business, event and organization in our community. Here are some of the things we are excited to cover this semester:

Life & Arts will publish a 20-plus-page insert the week before South By Southwest with information ranging from concert schedules to advice on how to avoid the festival entirely. Our readers can expect live SXSW updates via Twitter and our website,

In addition to thorough coverage of major Austin events, a number of our writers will review new albums, books and recently released movies. One of our writers, Elisabeth Dillon, who runs the food and lifestyle blog, will be the Texan’s go-to source for nutritional advice.

Each week, Life & Arts publishes a variety of profiles to provide exposure to voices from all across our community. Our subjects will be as diverse as the students of the University.

Our section will feature series about current UT students who partake in activities ranging from heart research to founding their own businesses. At other times, stories will focus on UT alumni who achieve noteworthy success in their field.

Our “300” series spotlights the stories of people who are constant fixtures around campus but tend to go unnoticed. These 300-word pieces could be about the barista at the café in the Belo Center for New Media, a UT shuttle driver or the security guard at a sorority house.

Since 2011, physics doctoral candidate Robert Starr has filled the Thursday paper with his research-based science pieces. This semester, journalism graduate student Paepin Goff joins him with a focus on climate change. Their series, Science Scene, attempts to enlighten students on relevant topics, such as water conservation and psychological issues.

Our aim is to provide coverage that accurately and comprehensively reflects University life. We hope to be an informative resource for all our readers, on campus and throughout the city. We are excited to continue a proud tradition of compelling and inclusive storytelling here at the Texan.