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Q&A: Male and female students discuss sexual assault on campus

Thomas Boswell and Danielle Lopez December 4, 2015

For this Q&A, The Daily Texan met separately with male and female students to discuss sexual assault and how campus culture and gender play a role. The names of the students have been changed to protect...


Student shares account of sexual assault, blurred lines

Danielle Lopez December 4, 2015

The names in this story have been changed to protect the sources’ identities. UT seniors Alice and Matthew had been best friends since they met in their freshman year interest group. For three...


Student discusses personal experiences with pornography, its effects on social perception

Danielle Lopez December 4, 2015

The locker room of UT freshman Jake’s high school was filled with talk about porn sites, the latest sex videos and who recently got laid. If someone didn’t have a story to share, they were...


Life&Arts editor trades in crown for diploma

Danielle Lopez December 4, 2015

Few people know how much the Texan saved me. Before I became a daily fixture by the basement door, I didn’t really belong anywhere. I was a journalism sophomore who had never written a journalistic...


Voices of Diversity

Click here to read about the complicated relationship between race and genetics.


UT students share experiences with undocumented citizenship

Danielle Lopez and Elizabeth Hlavinka December 3, 2015

Editor's note: This article is part of a package about diversity on campus. Click here to read the other stories. During bilingual education sophomore Pamela Morales Castro’s seventh...


Delta Lambda Phi offers community for LGBT students, allies

Danielle Lopez and Marisa Charpentier December 2, 2015

Editor’s Note: This article appears in a package focused on LGBT issues on campus. Click here to read about issues  transgender students face and LGBT professors' perspectives on the...


Tejas Club hosts Matthew McConaughey in weekly speaker series

Danielle Lopez and Cat Cardenas November 12, 2015

People know “Alright, alright, alright” as the catch phrase of beloved stoner David Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused.”  But to Matthew McConaughey, they’re the first...


Tat-tuesday: People on campus share stories behind ink

Danielle Lopez and Cat Cardenas November 10, 2015

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos. Photos by Joshua Guerra | Daily Texan Staff Marion Rocco Literature professor Marion...


Q&A: Lemony Snicket representative discusses latest book, past misfortunes

Danielle Lopez October 16, 2015

On Saturday, Lemony Snicket will present his latest book “Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights?” at the Paramount Theatre as part of the annual Texas Book Festival. The book is...


Tat-Tuesdays: ACL festivalgoers share stories behind ink

Danielle Lopez October 6, 2015

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos. This week's Tat-Tuesday features festivalgoers from the ACL Music Festival.  Photos...


ACL Live Blog: Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update (12:32  a.m.): Right before the Strokes ended their set, lead singer Julian Casablancas turned to guitarist Nick Valensi and asked a question. “You got anything to say to the...


ACL Live Blog: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Update (12:35): When Drake closed out Day Two, he made sure audience members knew that Texas is his second home. The Canadian-born rapper continuously told the audience it was the best he’d...


ACL Live Blog: Friday, October 2, 2015

Update (12:20 p.m.):  The Foo Fighters concluded Day 1 of ACL’s first weekend with an invigorating set. The band’s two hour performance began with an energetic rendition of “Everlong,”...


UT public art program hosts art dog walk

Danielle Lopez, Marisa Charpentier, and Cat Cardenas September 8, 2015

Families, students and their panting pups strolled through campus Sunday morning for the first Landmarks Dog Walk, a free tour hosted by the University’s public art program. Landmarks partnered with...


Places to celebrate Austin’s Pride Week 25th Anniversary this weekend

Danielle Lopez August 29, 2015

As Austin’s Pride Week comes to an end, the city plans to end it with a bang. While the main events this weekend are the Austin Pride Festival and Pride Parade, here are some places that plan to...


Life&Arts Editors preview the fall semester

Cat Cardenas, Marisa Charpentier, and Danielle Lopez August 24, 2015

As students soak in their last days of freedom at Barton Springs and Zilker Park, the Life&Arts staff has made The Texan’s dark, scurvy-inducing basement its home. Although we incessantly inhabit...


Legislature reduces grants to film, television media

Danielle Lopez August 3, 2015

Since the Paramount Theatre welcomed its first audience in 1915, Austin has become home to many blockbuster movies, major production studios and award-winning filmmakers. A century later, though, the city’s...


UT alumnus and Berlin dancer bring autobiographical film “Meet Me in Montenegro” to Austin

Danielle Lopez August 2, 2015

With their recent film “Meet Me In Montenegro,” UT alumnus Alex Holdridge and Linnea Saasen have done what most couples can only dream of — they’ve recreated their love story.  Five...


Places to celebrate same-sex marriage in Austin

Danielle Lopez June 26, 2015

Editor’s Note: As we learn about additional celebrations around Austin, we will update this list throughout the day. Updated (6:30 p.m.): Added Central Presbyterian Church, Cheer Up Charlie's,...


Austin Music Census shows local industry lacks female musicians

Danielle Lopez and Emily Gibson June 15, 2015

On a typical night in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” crowds drink cider, swing their hips to salsa music, stomp their feet at a folk concert or get thrown around a mosh pit —...


Calliope Musicals frontwoman Carrie Fussell brings psychedelic sounds with recent album

Danielle Lopez June 15, 2015

Inspired by the Greek muse of eloquence and epic poetry, Austin-based singer Carrie Fussell decided in 2009 to name her six-piece band Calliope Musicals. “The other lead singer and I started out...


Singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry draws from childhood memories in latest album

Danielle Lopez June 15, 2015

About 10 years ago, singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry left her hometown in Michigan and moved to Austin to focus on her music career. Since her start in 2006, Falconberry has become part of a six-piece...


Bilingual singer-songwriter Gina Chavez combines Latin roots and American upbringing

Danielle Lopez June 15, 2015

At 18 years old, singer-songwriter Gina Chavez decided to make music her future as she watched country-blues artist Toni Price perform on an Austin stage. “I think it was one of the first times...


Folk singer Jess Williamson graces Austin stages with banjo and haunting vocals

Danielle Lopez June 15, 2015

When folk singer Jess Williamson was a student at UT, she went to New York City for a photojournalism graduate program and didn’t return for over a year. She spent that time bartending and performing...

Madisen and the Mama Bear review

Danielle Lopez March 21, 2015

When Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear walked underneath the spotlight and took their seats on stage, we had no idea they’d be magic. On Friday, at the South By Southwest Radio Day Stage, Ruth and...

Review: Laura Marling, Milky Chance perform at SXSW

Danielle Lopez and Kat Sampson March 18, 2015

As SXSW's music events take over the festival, we'll be reviewing some of the top acts. Here are our takes on Laura Marling and Milky Chance, who both performed Wednesday: Laura Marling Folk...


Custom vinyl maker displays wares at SXSW

Danielle Lopez March 18, 2015

In the middle of South By Southwest Trade Show’s business suits, out-of-this-world technology and bundles of free swag, custom vinyl maker Wesley Wolfe blasted a classic ‘60s soul record. Wolfe...


30 years later, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy reunite to discuss “The Breakfast Club”

Danielle Lopez March 16, 2015

A brain, an athlete, a basket-case, a princess and a criminal. In honor of “The Breakfast Club’s” 30th anniversary, Universal Studios premiered the digitally remastered film at the...


A discussion with Sally Field and writer, director Michael Showalter

Danielle Lopez March 16, 2015

Saturday night, the world premiere of Sally Field’s most recent film, “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” impressed the majority its South By Southwest audience. Read our review here. On...

Life & Arts editors preview the spring semester

Danielle Lopez and Kat Sampson January 20, 2015

It is the first day of the spring semester. Everyone’s grades look promising as syllabuses make their way to the bottom of backpacks. Students fill agendas with attention to detail before the stress...


Campus Characters: Biomedical engineering student aims to create a human heart

Danielle Lopez December 1, 2014

Divya Ramamoorthy — a connoisseur of hot chocolates, a greeting card crafter and a UT research assistant — can be found daily with a petri dish full of stem cells in hand. For the past three...


300: Job as a bus driver means more than the daily route

Danielle Lopez November 25, 2014

Frazzled students take refuge from the rain underneath the bus stop. The walk to class never seems as trial-ridden as it does on days like these. Coming around the corner, maneuvering the monstrous 40...


UT alumna launches socially conscious online boutique

Danielle Lopez November 18, 2014

When UT alumna Hayley Swindell was still in college, she and her sorority sisters set up pop-up shops on South Congress Avenue, selling clothes they rarely used to whomever was willing to buy.  Once...


Leading Ladies: UT alumna owns cosmetic surgery private practice

Danielle Lopez November 12, 2014

The first time anyone ever told UT alumna Jennifer Walden that she would be a surgeon, she was in junior high. Her teacher recognized her ability to quickly dissect a pig while the rest of the class struggled...

First Aid Kit discusses new album and Fun Fun Fun Fest performance

Danielle Lopez November 7, 2014

When Johanna and Klara Söderberg of the Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit began planning their current tour, they told their manager they had to find a way to come back to one of their favorite cities...


Austin Facial Hair Club spreads facial hair awareness at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Danielle Lopez November 4, 2014

A little northeast of Austin in the quiet town of Manor, kids, dogs and chickens run around the yard of a large country house as men with impressive beards build Fun Fun Fun Fest booths for the Austin...


UT alumnus motivates people to do what they love at #besomebody Weekend

Danielle Lopez October 16, 2014

When UT alumnus Kash Shaikh travels around the world, he asks people of all different backgrounds two questions: “What you do for a living? What do you love?” The answers to the two questions,...


UT business students and alumnus bring panic to Austin with their puzzles

Danielle Lopez October 6, 2014

There are 30 seconds left. A team of eight people frantically attempts to solve a collection of puzzles and codes while encased in a small, dark and decrepit house, hoping to unlock multiple padlocks...


Leading Ladies: UT alumna uses engineering career to give back to community

Danielle Lopez October 1, 2014

Mary Lou Ralls Newman has mastered the art of having it all — two degrees, a husband for a business partner, two grown kids and a passport with stamps from Tanzania, Costa Rica, New Zealand and...


UT students create Equinox Film Festival

Danielle Lopez September 26, 2014

Twice a year, the sun crosses the earth’s equator, the seasons change, and day and night become equal in length — this is an equinox. Two UT students aim to give independent filmmakers a chance...


Leading Ladies: UT alumna opens her own makeup business

Danielle Lopez September 24, 2014

Roxanne McDanel picks up her blush brush and eye-shadow palette to makeover a smiling bride’s face. While this is a part of McDanel’s daily routine, what she really loves to do is make her...


Leading Ladies: Alumna has floral, event shop

Danielle Lopez September 17, 2014

On the last day of every school year, when the Blanton Museum was still on Speedway and 21st streets, Sunni Graham would visit Jerry Bywaters’ painting “Oil Field Girls.” Graham related...


Leading Ladies: UT alumna founds photography studio

Danielle Lopez September 10, 2014

Every morning, Korey Howell strolls down her block, past her neighborhood’s gate and arrives for work at the doors of her brightly lit studio, Korey Howell Photography. When Howell graduated...


UT3D film students create program’s first film

Danielle Lopez September 5, 2014

UT’s first student-created 3-D film is a three-dimensional world of gleaming knights, majestic woods and dangerous weapons.      This October, the first students to have completed...


Austin Music People hosts second annual United We Jam

Danielle Lopez August 27, 2014

Live music, drinks and friends aren't typically associated with voter registration. But United We Jam, Austin Music People’s second annual event, aims to give Austin’s music industry a...


UT alum hosts craft festival, Re:Make

Danielle Lopez April 29, 2014

After leaving her career at Google in San Francisco, UT alum Brit Morin’s is returning to Austin to host a variety of Texas’ small, do-it-yourself business vendors at “Re:Make.”  A...


A new app, BrewDrop, offers alcohol delivery service

Danielle Lopez April 18, 2014

Disillusion strikes hard when that highly anticipated Saturday night party runs out of alcohol, cutting every partygoer’s booze-filled dreams short. A team of three men believe they’ve solved...


Students capture campus life through photos and conversations in Humans of UT

Danielle Lopez April 10, 2014

With cameras and questions on hand, public relations sophomore Crysta Hernandez and advertising freshman Amy Tingle are always ready to capture snippets of the lives of people on campus. The duo shares...


Radio-television-film grad student Deepak Chetty creates the school’s first 3-D film

Danielle Lopez March 25, 2014

In the secluded spaces of the CMB, surrounded by bright lights, vibrant green walls and a rolling camera, a solemn moment transpires between a man in black battle gear and a futuristic-looking woman with...


Dancers in the Indian Students Association prepare for showcase

Danielle Lopez March 21, 2014

In the Quadrangle room of the Union Building, dancers wearing a mix of snapbacks and traditional Indian clothing move quickly around the space, yelling words of encouragement with each step. The performers,...


UT doctoral students develop new art medium called “BioMediation”

Danielle Lopez March 6, 2014

Two UT students have made translating thoughts into a display of lights, sounds and 3-D graphics possible in their latest artistic exhibition. Yago de Quay and Joao Beira, both working toward dual doctoral...


UT human rights organization brings refugees to Zilker Kite Festival

Danielle Lopez February 28, 2014

Casa Marianella, a home for immigrant refugees in East Austin, receives hundreds of volunteers to assist in carrying out legal, medical and educational services for its residents. But one UT human rights...


Austin food trucks to move to Barton Springs Road

Danielle Lopez February 25, 2014

Austin’s food trucks have found a new, permanent home and they’re taking West Campus’ Mighty Cone with them. A permanent food court is set to open mid-March on Barton Springs...


UT grad student Evan Roberts focuses on personal narratives

Danielle Lopez February 12, 2014

For Evan Roberts, there’s nothing better than seeing a someone’s personal story embodied on the big screen. Roberts, a radio-television-film graduate student, explores the untold narratives...


UT alumnae Courtney and Brooke Calhoun bring their pop-up shop to Austin, permanently

Danielle Lopez January 31, 2014

UT alumnae Courtney and Brooke Calhoun never expected fashion to bring them back to Austin, but their recent success has them making plans to set up shop downtown permanently.  The Austin-native...

Private club located in Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial stadium plans facility renovations

Danielle Lopez January 30, 2014

Inside the caverns of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium resides a private social club, which announced Monday that it had renewed its lease with the UT Athletic Department and will begin multi-million...

Austin Gorilla Run returns for its fourth year

Danielle Lopez January 27, 2014

More than 700 people walked, ran or biked through the streets of Austin on Saturday while dressed in gorilla costumes. The gorilla-suited runners, many of whom decked their costumes out with creative accessories,...

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