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Editor leaves relationship with Texan in a ‘good place’

Kat Sampson December 4, 2015

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Commercialization of self care threatens working women

Kat Sampson September 1, 2015

Head to any Austin yoga studio for a 6 a.m. class, and the room will be filled with young professionals, mostly women, squeezing in their sweat session before heading to work so they can check...


Heat exhaustion merits more attention on campus

Kat Sampson August 28, 2015

The months of August and September bring the deadly combination of heat advisories, increased humidity and outdoor activity. What results are around 600 deaths in the United States each year from heat-related...


Cape Cod art community thrives despite seasonal market

Kat Sampson August 25, 2015

Editor’s note: This piece is the product of the Helen M. Powell Traveling Fellowship that provides funding for a student who works at The Daily Texan to travel and report on a community of choice....


Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman” is a somber yet prolific coming-of-age tale

Kat Sampson July 17, 2015

If one thing should be made clear, Harper Lee’s long-awaited second novel “Go Set a Watchman” is not a sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” While a number of the same characters...


Take a look inside music fame with these four rock ‘n’ roll memoirs

Kat Sampson July 8, 2015

It’s not uncommon for a famous musician to name a song after his or her latest muse or write lyrics with double meanings, but it's rare for listeners to understand a song’s full context....

Miguel displays familiar, well-developed sound on third studio album, Wildheart

Kat Sampson June 30, 2015

Those who’ve listen to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wale or Mariah Carey have likely listened to Miguel. The 29-year-old is behind the voice that turns rap songs into ballads. Over the past decade,...

Leon Bridges’ debut album virtuous, albeit safe, first effort

Kat Sampson June 23, 2015

When scrolling through soul singer Leon Bridges’ Instagram, fans forget they’re holding a piece of machinery made in 2015. With every photo filtered by a thoughtful gradient of gray, often...

Four dynamic female artists to listen to in May

Kat Sampson May 5, 2015

Behind every music genre is a dynamic female artist who is further developing the genre’s sound. Check out four female musicians challenging the status quo.   1) Brittany Howard Looking...


CMHC Peer Educators Program trains students in stress management

Kat Sampson April 22, 2015

Before psychology junior Mehak Gupta began her term as a peer educator in the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC), her instructor asked her to do one thing — make a personal self-care plan. The...

Music of the month: Four rappers to listen to in April

Kat Sampson April 1, 2015

From Drake’s surprise mixtape to Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated three-year project, To Pimp a Butterfly, it’s been a notable few months for rappers. If you need to catch up, here...


The Daily Texan’s Guide to Surviving RoundUp

Kat Sampson March 27, 2015

This weekend is Texas Relays, which means elite athletes from across the country come to Austin to run — but the true test of endurance will happen outside of Mike A. Myers Stadium. As anyone with...

Best Coast makes SXSW stop

Kat Sampson March 20, 2015

Indie rockers Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno and their band brought some of the “best coast” to Texas on Friday. Cosentino, Bruno and the rest of the band, all of whom are from Los Angeles,...

Review: Laura Marling, Milky Chance perform at SXSW

Danielle Lopez and Kat Sampson March 18, 2015

As SXSW's music events take over the festival, we'll be reviewing some of the top acts. Here are our takes on Laura Marling and Milky Chance, who both performed Wednesday: Laura Marling Folk...

IMG_0389 (1)

Amy Schumer on sex, confidence and her new movie, “Trainwreck”

Kat Sampson March 16, 2015

Judd Aptow’s latest muse, Amy Schumer, is anything but a train wreck. After hearing Schumer talk on The Howard Stern Show, Aptow contacted Schumer about directing a script for her. Monday, the...


Husband and wife duo collaborate with robot drummers in local band Pony Trap

Kat Sampson March 15, 2015

Four years ago, Austin music teacher Quentin Thomas-Oliver went looking for a drummer willing to play the type of music he wanted. When he couldn’t find one, he built one.   “So I had...


Mark Duplass gives advice to young filmmakers

Kat Sampson March 15, 2015

Sunday’s first keynote address came from the multi-talented filmmaker Mark Duplass. The address lasted 30 minutes and covered topics ranging from the current state of independent filmmaking to filmmaking...


Co-founder of Brooklyn-based company Imagine Think talks about “graphically recording” SXSW panel

Kat Sampson March 15, 2015

Heather Willems, co-founder of Imagine Think, just spent 60 minutes “graphically recording” the SXSW panel “LA and The Innovation Economy.” Imagine Think, a Brooklyn-based company,...


LISTEN: Daily Texan NewsCast for March 13, 2015

On this week's episode of the Daily Texan NewsCast we discuss Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu winning the Student Government executive alliance election, a religious freedom bill, SAE, the new...

Monthly playlist: Four artists to listen to before South By Southwest

Kat Sampson March 2, 2015

If you have two hours to spare, consider scrolling through South By Southwest’s official list of musicians performing over the course of the seven-day festival. If you only have five minutes, let...


TBT: 1995 Valentine’s Day ads gave students a chance to profess love

Kat Sampson February 12, 2015

In the days preceding Valentine’s Day in 1995, The Daily Texan ran a coupon in the paper that gave students the opportunity to buy a 1-inch, heart-bordered advertisement. For $9.20, the buyer had...

Four artists to listen to in February

Kat Sampson February 9, 2015

If you are going to have a bad month this year, make it February. It is the shortest month, often Austin’s coldest month and — for certain lonely singles — the saddest month. Whether...


UT alumna plans to open Austin’s first cat café

Kat Sampson February 2, 2015

Up until a couple of years ago, Rebecca Gray spent her days as a biologist testing mice in labs — and her nights discovering the world of cat cafés.  “I saw and knew immediately...

Life & Arts editors preview the spring semester

Danielle Lopez and Kat Sampson January 20, 2015

It is the first day of the spring semester. Everyone’s grades look promising as syllabuses make their way to the bottom of backpacks. Students fill agendas with attention to detail before the stress...


Austin City Limits: A platform for classic festival style and new trends

Kat Sampson October 13, 2014

Looking particularly on-trend with her dainty necklaces and maroon nail polish, Laura Lauford laughs about an ACL getup she witnessed on campus with thigh-high socks, jelly shoes and pigtails. Lauford,...


Wars against Greek organizations are as long as UT’s history

Kat Sampson September 25, 2014

It’s hard to imagine a West Campus on a Saturday night without a C-list rapper performing a one-hit wonder to a crowd of tipsy students. But with stricter policies on West Campus parties looming...


Tips and tricks to using Capital Metro and the UT bus system

Kat Sampson August 25, 2014

As the class of 2018 arrives on the 40 Acres, the dorms are being flooded with anxious freshmen waiting for the moment they get to meet their new roommates and determine who gets the bed next to the window....


UT Queer Chorus prepares for Spring Concert

Kat Sampson May 1, 2014

During a UT Queer Chorus rehearsal, rhetoric and writing sophomore Cole Ourso wears a yellow skirt and laughs at a recalled memory. Ourso wore the same yellow skirt almost two years ago to an event where...


UT graduate owns book publishing and tutoring company

Kat Sampson April 23, 2014

When April Terrazas visits elementary schools, she always begins her presentations by asking the students in the auditorium to raise their hands if they like science — about half of them do. She...


Women’s shooting league offers a safe environment, social outlet

Kat Sampson April 14, 2014

When Niki Jones moved from New York to Texas less than a decade ago, she had virtually no experience with guns. But, when she opened her own store and began working late nights alone, she felt that she...


UT graduate owns Hack Studios production company in downtown Austin

Kat Sampson April 2, 2014

When Dianna Colton took advertising professor John Murphy’s introductory advertising class in the early ’90s, Murphy told his students to get out of the industry. There were no jobs, and money...


Austin woman founds juice company after breast cancer diagnosis

Kat Sampson March 27, 2014

Each Saturday, the farmer’s market at Republic Square Park is filled with white tents housing various vendors and the occasional string quartet. Daily Greens is one of the busiest of those white...


UT freshman plans student poetry slam

Kat Sampson March 19, 2014

Last fall, when art history freshman Nina Unger logged onto Facebook, she spotted a video performance of slam poetry that would eventually lead her to plan and implement her own poetry competition. The...


Capital Factory hosts up-and-coming startups for SXSW

Kat Sampson March 9, 2014

Capital Factory, the leading technology incubator for startups in the Austin area, will host Capital Factory Demo Day 2014 during SXSW. The stakes are high, as 10 of Austin’s most promising startups...


The Daily Texan’s picks for the SXSW Trade Show

Kat Sampson March 7, 2014

With more than 250 vendors, the SXSW Trade Show can seem daunting and chaotic. The following guide will show you where to find anything from Canadian barbecue to a Screen Actors Guild application. Sweden...


African American Culture committee plans Mardi Gras event for students

Kat Sampson March 3, 2014

In a window-lined room on the second floor of the Student Activities Center there are two circles of chairs, one within the other. Six members of the African American Culture committee, a subcommittee...


Four UT students create SocialToast app to maximize the Sixth Street experience

Kat Sampson February 24, 2014

When four UT computer engineering students met last spring during a computer software lab, none of them knew they would eventually build an application based on Austin’s Sixth Street. CEOs Rachel...


UT student organization, GirlAdvocates!, mentors Webb Middle School students

Kat Sampson February 3, 2014

While many of her fellow classmates were concerning themselves with J2’s ever-changing menu, nutrition junior Lauren Caton, the founder and current president of GirlAdvocates! was seeking out UT...

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